faFaal (populated place), Faay...">

Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that begin with the letter "f"

> fa

Faal (populated place), Faay (inlet), Faaye (reef(s)), Fachnooq (hill), Faelalap (island), Faelalap (island), Faelhait (island), Fagamow (blowhole(s)), Fagoch (hill), Faichuk (islands), Faichuk Islands (islands), Fais (island), Fais Island (island), Faitruk-Berg (hill), Faituk (island), Fäkuruwön (hill), Fal (populated place), Fal (hill), Fala-Beguets (island), Fala-Beguets Island (island), Falabanges (island), Falabenas (island), Falafa (island), Falaik (island), Falaite (island), Falaite Islet (island), Falalap (island), Falalep (island), Falalis (island), Falalis Island (island), Falalop (island), Falalu Island (island), Falaluus (island), Falam (island), Falam (island), Falamalok (island), Falamu (island), Falamu (island), Falanan (island), Falanu (island), Falanu (island), Falape (island), Falapi (island), Falarik Island (island), Falas (island), Falas Island (island), Falas Islands (island), Falasit Island (island), Falasit Island (island), Falasit Reef (reef(s)), Falat (island), Faleallej Pass (marine channel), Faleasioz Reef (reef(s)), Faleasits (reef(s)), Faleat Island (island), Falebenges (island), Falemwalog (island), Faleosicz Island (island), Faleu Island (island), Falewaidid (island), Falhiipiy (island), Falhiipiy (island), Faliao (island), Falifi (island), Falifi Island (island), Falipi (island), Falipi Island (island), Falipi Islet (island), Falipu Island (island), Falo (island), Falo Island (island), Faloc (atoll(s)), Faloma (populated place), Falope (island), Faloupet (island), Faluamot (island), Faluaw (island), Faluaw Island (island), Faluelegalao (island), Faluelemariete (island), Faluelepalape (island), Falv Mwareeiyaat (island), Falvwae Lhigelaw (island), Falvwae Pelahp (island), Falwe (locality), Fal’gaeg (hill), Fanaagich (hill), Fanaan (island), Fanaanu (island), Fanaapiin (point), Fanaasic (reef(s)), Fanaat (island), Fanachik (island), Fanadik (atoll(s)), Fanadik (island), Fanadik Island (island), Fanadyk (atoll(s)), Fanafo (island), Fanaguröq (hill), Fanaik (island), Fanakuk (island), Fanal (island), Fanalang (island), Fanalili (populated locality), Fanaliliy (populated locality), Fanalon (island), Fanama (populated place), Fanamar (island), Fanamar Island (island), Fanamau (island), Fanamu (island), Fanamu Island (island), Fanan (island), Fanan Island (island), Fananan Island (island), Fanananei (reef(s)), Fänänänei (reef(s)), Fananas (point), Fananeen (island), Fanangat (island), Fanannon (island), Fanano (island), Fanano (island), Fanano Island (island), Fananou (atoll(s)), Fananu (island), Fananu (atoll(s)), Fananu Island (island), Fananuk (island), Fanapanges (island), Fanapeges (island), Fanapi Bank (bank(s)), Fanasas (point), Fanasich (island), Fanat (island), Fanato (mountain), Fanatu Island (island), Fanau (island), Fanauamu (island), Fanayik (island), Fanbacheal (hill), Fanbatear (populated place), Fanbiywol (point), Fanbiywol (hill), Fands (island), Faneakaan (hill), Faneakaan (hill), Faneakaan (building(s)), Faneakargoy (hill), Fanedjik (atoll(s)), Faneene (island), Fanek (island), Fanemoch (island), Fanenaik (island), Fanengit (hill), Faneno (island), Faner (island), Fanesich (island), Fanessich (island), Faneu (island), Faneu Island (island), Fanew (island), Fangel (populated place), Fangel (administrative division), Fanif (administrative division), Faniif District (administrative division), Fanikep (point), Fanip (populated place), Fanip (section of island), Fanip (administrative division), Fankachau (populated place), Fanmengit (hill), Fanmenig (hill), Fanneranu Island (island), Fannuk (island), Fano (island), Fanofa (island), Fanofa Island (island), Fanömö (populated place), Fanonuk (island), Fanoodiy (hill), Fanope (island), Fanope (island), Fanos (island), Fanqaliiliy (populated locality), Fanu Island (island), Fanuaik (island), Fanuaissane (island), Fanuamos Durchfahrt (marine channel), Fanuamot Durchfahrt (marine channel), Fanuamu (island), Fanuanbuin Island (island), Fanuanpue (island), Fanuanun (island), Fanuanwin (island), Fanuapue (island), Fanueisano (island), Fanueissane (island), Fanuela (island), Fanuela Island (island), Fanuenwin Island (island), Fanueranu (island), Fanueranu Island (island), Fanuet (island), Fanuet Island (island), Fanufan (reef(s)), Fanufan Reef (reef(s)), Fanufan Riff (reef(s)), Fanufon (reef(s)), Fanurmot (island), Fanurmot Island (island), Fanusamos (island), Fanusamoz Pass (marine channel), Fanuwon (hill), Fanwon (hill), Fanybugol (hill), Fanyoruw (point), Fanyuubogol (hill), Fao (reef(s)), Faounaoupei (island), Fara (populated place), Farafar Island (island), Farafor (island), Farafor Island (island), Farafuoru-To (island), Farailes (island), Farailesse (island), Farairesu-To (island), Faran (island), Faranlip Island (island), Faraq (populated place), Fararan (island), Fararik (island), Fararik Island (island), Fararu (island), Faraulep (island), Faraulep Atoll (atoll(s)), Faraulep Island (island), Faraulep Islands (atoll(s)), Faraulip Inseln (atoll(s)), Faraw (island), Farchumoqon (hill), Faregaaw (populated place), Faripi (island), Faripi-To (island), Faro (populated place), Faroilap (atoll(s)), Faroulap (atoll(s)), Farroilap (island), Farroilap (atoll(s)), Farther Rock Place (hill), Fasefang (phosphate works), Fason (populated place), Fason (populated place), Fassarai (island), Fatikat (island), Fatikat Island (island), Fattoilap (island), Fattoilap (atoll(s)), Faukelau (mountain), Faunamot Durchfahrt (marine channel), Faunsamoz Pass (marine channel), Faunupei (island), Faupö (populated place), Faupö (hill), Faut (populated place), Fayo (island), Fayu (island)

> fe

Feadamach (blowhole(s)), Fealeasicz Reef (reef(s)), Feanifengin (hill), Feanimeen (hill), Federated States of Micronesia (freely associated state), Fedja (island), Feeduqör (populated place), Feereel (hill), Feeyoer (blowhole(s)), Fefan (island), Fefan Island (island), Fefen (island), Feilif (island), Fein (populated place), Fein Durchfahrt (marine channel), Fein Pass (marine channel), Feinif (island), Feinif Island (island), Feitabul (island), Felat (island), Felesit (island), Fenaik (island), Fenami-To (island), Fenat (island), Fenawaw (island), Fenealiliy (populated locality), Fenekkuk (island), Fenemwu (island), Fenenuuk (island), Fenenuuk (island), Fenepi (island), Feneppi (island), Fenesit (island), Fenessic (island), Fenessich (island), Fenew (island), Fënf’iir (building(s)), Fenkol-Berg (mountain), Fenmeias (point), Fennu (island), Fenuwamwu (island), Fenuwepwin (island), Fenuwomwoc (island), Fënyoeruw (point), Fenyoruw (point), Ferara Island (island), Ferit (island), Ferrit (island), Fesefang (phosphate works), Feshalhiaes (island), Fetegaan (hill), Fewukanaw (mountain), Feyin (populated place)

> fi

Filenguy (marine channel), Fil’eenguuy (marine channel), Finaaonfen (point), Finaunpes (section of populated place), Finfoko (populated locality), Finfokoa (section of populated place), Finfukul (section of populated place), Finkol (mountain), Finkol Te (populated place), Finkol Wan (locality), Finol Finkol (mountain), Finol Finkol (mountain), Finol Mutunte (mountain), Finol Okat (mountain), Finol Oma (mountain), Finol Poro (mountain), Finol Putuk (mountain), Finol Tafuyat (mountain), Finolof (populated locality), Finpukal (populated locality), Finsrem (locality), Firefly Island (island), Firigaaw (populated place), Firigau (populated place), Firigqaaw (populated place), Fitbileeyamol (hill), Fiteebinaew (hill), Fiteebulngean (hill), Fiteechagow (hill), Fiteegoer (blowhole(s)), Fiteekafar (hill), Fiteemadaay (hill), Fiteemawaar (hill), Fiteenguch (point), Fiteeniyaen’ (hill), Fiteeqarcheaq (hill), Fiteeqiyuw (hill), Fiteeqiyuw (hill), Fiteetabaay (hill), Fiteetamaan (hill), Fiteewaar (point), Fiteeyiluuy (hill), Fitetaman (hill), Fitetbay (hill), Fitetibay (hill), Fitewar (point), Fitgaan (hill), Fitgaqan (hill), Fitgiyaapiin (hill), Fitgoogoy (hill), Fitibileyemal (hill), Fitigiyapin (hill), Fitigogoy (hill), Fitigyapin (hill), Fitikobetinam (hill), Fitimangrow (hill), Fitiyungeluw (hill), Fitkabeetinaem (hill), Fitkabetnam (hill), Fitmangrow (hill), Fitmoeglunguug (hill), Fitmogelungug (hill), Fitmoglingug (hill), Fittamangirow (hill), Fityaabur (hill), Fityabur (hill), Fityug (hill), Fityunguluw (hill), Fityuug (hill), Fityuunguluw (hill)

> fl

Flait (island), Flalap (island), Flalap Island (island), Flarik (atoll(s)), Flarik (island), Flower Island (island), Flower Island (marine channel), Flower Islands Pass (marine channel)

> fo

Foeshavlap (island), Foeshavlap (atoll(s)), Fogen (populated place), Fogen (point), Fogol (hill), Foieu (island), Föim (tunnel), Foko Finaunpes (point), Foko Fukunsral (point), Foko In Wiyu (reef(s)), Foko Kiul (reef(s)), Foko Lik (point), Foko Malsu (point), Foko Mosral (reef(s)), Foko Nefalil (point), Foko Pe (point), Foko Puk (reef(s)), Foko Saoksa (point), Foko Selap (reef(s)), Foko Yeseng (reef(s)), Foko Yewak (point), Fololuk (island), Fomseng (section of populated place), Fongen (populated place), Fongoch (hill), Fono (island), Fono Mu (island), Fono Penges (island), Fonokuk (island), Fönömu (island), Fönönang (island), Fononuk (island), Fononuk (island), Fönöu (island), Fonouk (island), Fonuchu (island), Fonuenipim (island), Fonuenipin (island), Fonuou (island), Foo’l (hill), Foqol (hill), Foraulep (island), Foraulep (atoll(s)), Foroilap (atoll(s)), Fouchap (point), Föueu (island), Foukachen (mountain), Foukenau (mountain), Foumaraw (reef(s)), Foumau (point), Foumouna (mountain), Foumwa (reef(s)), Foumwa (point), Foup (populated place), Four A.M. Island (island), Fourup (island), Fourup Island (island), Foutip (point), Foutis (island), Fouwar (hill), Fouwar (hill)

> fr

Fra (populated place), Fraser Islands (atoll(s)), Friday Island (peninsula), Frigaau (populated place), Frig’aw (populated place), Front Island (island)

> fu

Fuaataburu To (island), Fuadderu (shoal(s)), Fuaires (island), Fuanofu (island), Fuanuanuein To (island), Fuanuanuin To (island), Fuarafuoru To (island), Fuaripi (island), Fuaripirimaori (shoal(s)), Fuashirushi (shoal(s)), Fuashirushi (shoal(s)), Fuasshimaro (shoal(s)), Fuasshipo (shoal(s)), Fuasshiritamori (shoal(s)), Fuasshirueteren (shoal(s)), Fuataburu To (island), Fuattabagappu (shoal(s)), Fuattoru (shoal(s)), Fuausan (island), Fuausan Island (island), Fubuuy (hill), Fubuy (hill), Fuinwokaat (mountain), Fuji-shima (island), Fukinsaaru (point), Fukiru Point (point), Fukuri Point (point), Fulolop Island (island), Fum (point), Fumatahachi Island (island), Fumatahaci-tō (island), Fuorotsu (island), Fuorotsu Island (island), Furaarappu-tō (island)
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