daDaabaab (building(s)...">

Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that begin with the letter "d"

> da

Daabaab (building(s)), Daabach (populated place), Daabiyuch (blowhole(s)), Daabiyuch (point), Daabiyuch (bay), Daabyuch (blowhole(s)), Daabyuch (bay), Daarpum (hill), Daawoch (point), Daawoch (hill), Dabaang (hill), Dabaar (hill), Dabaat’ (point), Dabab (building(s)), Dabach (hill), Dabach (populated place), Dabang (hill), Dabar (hill), Dabat (point), Dabeycheeg (hill), Dabeyicheg (hill), Dabiyquch (point), Dabiyuch (point), Dabiyuuch (point), Daboenyaen’ (building(s)), Daboniyan (building(s)), Dabreed (cove(s)), Dabureed (cove(s)), Dabut (locality), Dabuut’ (locality), Dachafir (hill), Dachangar (populated place), Dachfir (hill), Dachngar (populated place), Dachthul (point), Dadu (point), Dadum (island), Daew’ (point), Daffodil Island (island), Dahangadabu (island), Dahangahaino (island), Daiat (island), Dakamanga (island), Dak’iy (hill), Dalaach (hill), Dalaap’ (hill), Dalach (hill), Dalap (hill), Daling (island), Dalipebinau (administrative division), Dalipeebinaew (administrative division), Dalipeebinaew Municipality (administrative division), Daloelaeb (hill), Dalowlab (hill), Damlonguch (building(s)), Damloonguch (building(s)), Danipei (populated place), Dao Channel (marine channel), Daparfiy (hill), Daped (building(s)), Daperifiy (hill), Dap’ead (building(s)), Daqabyuch (blowhole(s)), Daqabyuch (bay), Darachaq (locality), Darainamu (island), Darakivao (island), Darap (hill), Darapiriyoru (shoal(s)), Darcha’ (locality), Dareach (point), Darech (point), Dariikaan (populated place), Darikan (populated place), Darpum (hill), Dartja (locality), Datjmur (populated place), Dattorumeru (shoal(s)), Dau Mwoakote (marine channel), Dauen Angesek (channel), Dauen Nan Kepinpil (channel), Dauen Pahnseiuh (channel), Dauen Pakein (channel), Dauen Rakis (bay), Daughter-in-law Island (island), Dauko (mountain), Daupwelmatak (marine channel), Davotj (populated place), Daw (point), Dawach (point), Dawach (hill), Dawahk Island (island), Dawoch (hill), Days of the Week Islands (islands)

> de

De Blois Spitze (point), de Cata (atoll(s)), Deabach (hill), Deabreach (hill), Deafqorean (building(s)), Deahna (island), Deahna Island (island), Deahu (island), Deava (marine channel), Deboch (hill), Deboch (populated place), Dechior (hill), Dechumur (populated place), Deebarech (hill), Deebrech (hill), Deeningöl (locality), Def O’ren (building(s)), Dehpehk (island), Deke (island), Deke Sokehs (island), Deke Sokehs (island), Dekehnmen (island), Dekehnmen Island (island), Dekehtik (island), Dekekapw (reef(s)), Delesag (island), Demamang (inlet), Demodu (island), Demotu (island), Derikan (populated place), Derraak (building(s)), Deterumachochin (shoal(s)), Detianar (populated place), Deungakerekere (island)

> di

Diadi (populated place), Diadi (populated locality), Diba (island), Dichiyoer (hill), Dichiyor (hill), Dilaeg (locality), Dilmat (island), Dilmeet (island), Dim’iingoeg (point), Dinaey (locality), Dingiin (locality), Dish Island Channel (marine channel), Diukusou (mountain)

> dj

Djukudjap (hill), Djukudjou (mountain), Djukusamau (hill), Djukusamau (hill), Djukusou (mountain), Djun (populated place)

> dl

Dlap (hill)

> do

Doanguuc (captial of a first-order administrative division), Dobut (locality), Dobutsuoruniiga Passage (marine channel), Dobutsuroruniiga-Suido (marine channel), Dochirichi Channel (marine channel), Doeweel’iil (hill), Dog Island (island), Dol En Eir (mountain), Dol Merewi (peak), Dolehtik (island), Dolekole (hill), Dolelik (island), Dolen Awak (peak), Dolen Merewi (peak), Dolen Nier (mountain), Dolen Palikar (peak), Dolen Palikir (peak), Dolen Peisarep (mountain), Dolener (mountain), Doletik (island), Doletik Island (island), Dollehtik (island), Dollen Merewi (peak), Dollen Palikir (peak), Dollenier (mountain), Dollohwar (peak), Dollotmw (peak), Dolmerewi (peak), Dolohmwar (peak), Dolokole (hill), Dololab (hill), Dolotomw (peak), Donibureeku Passage (marine channel), Donibureeku-Suido (marine channel), Donigoppin Passage (marine channel), Donigoppin-Suido (marine channel), Doniparo Passage (marine channel), Doniparo-Suido (marine channel), Donitchi-tō (island), Donitsch Island (island), Donugantamu (island), Donugantamu Island (island), Donugantamu-To (island), Doom’aathing (point), Doom’eenifiy (hill), Doqomchuuy (populated place), Dorf Lela (populated place), Dorf Lele (populated place), Dorf Lolo (populated place), Doriyappu Passage (marine channel), Doriyappu-Suido (marine channel), Doroppu-Suido (marine channel), Dorungahare (island), Dossororu Passage (marine channel), Dossororu-Suido (marine channel), Dotchikichiki Passage (marine channel), Dotchikichiki-Suido (marine channel), Doururiyou Point (point), Dowach (point), Dowarugui Channel (marine channel), Doyo (island)

> dr

Dragon Island (island)

> ds

Dschakarenkap (harbor(s)), Dschakarenkap (populated locality), Dschalapuk (populated locality), Dschountin Handel Station (populated place), Dschountin Handel Station (populated place)

> du

Dublon (island), Dublon (populated place), Dublon Island (island), Dublon Town (populated place), Duboniyan (building(s)), Dubred (cove(s)), Dugor (populated place), Dugor (point), Duguchoel (hill), Dulkaan (populated place), Dulkan (populated place), Duneet’uuy (blowhole(s)), Dungolog (hill), Dunkin Islands (atoll(s)), Duperrey Islands (atoll(s)), Duperrey Isles (atoll(s)), Duperrey Spitze (point), Duperry (atoll(s)), Duqög (point), Durchfahrt Mor (marine channel), Durueim (hill)

> d’

D’Urville Islands (atoll(s)), D’Urville Point (point), D’Urville Pont (point), D’Urville Spitze (point), D’Vrville Point (point)