baBaanimaut (populated...">

Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that begin with the letter "b"

> ba

Baanimaut (populated locality), Baanimut (populated locality), Baanimuut (populated locality), Baanmaut (populated locality), Baashumoshi (shoal(s)), Bael (rocks), Baina (island), Bal (rocks), Balabat (populated place), Balaka (island), Baleabaat’ (populated place), Balebatt (populated place), Balebat’ (populated place), Balelach (populated place), Bamboo Island (island), Banteen Saki (point), Baonga (island), Baqanimaqut (populated locality), Bara To (island), Bara-shima (island), Barabado (populated place), Barabato (populated place), Baraiasi (island), Baraies (island), Barbados (atoll(s)), Basis (island), Basis Island (island), Baungua (island), Baxo Trista (rock), Baxotristo (atoll(s))

> be

Bechiel (populated place), Bechiyel (populated place), Bechyal (populated place), Beenik (populated place), Beeramu (shoal(s)), Begef (island), Begef Island (island), Behiliper (island), Behiliper Island (island), Behofu (island), Beitiu (populated place), Bekefas (island), Beken (populated place), Belledu (hill), Benig (populated place), Benik (populated place), Beniliper Island (island), Berado (populated place), Berado Ko (harbor(s)), Berard (populated place), Berard Hafen (harbor(s)), Berebere (shoal(s)), Beressu (shoal(s)), Berg Adeamer Peak (mountain), Berg Djukuielu (hill), Berg Djukuram (hill), Berg Falata (hill), Berg Faumig (mountain), Berg Irou (mountain), Berg Leirelom (hill), Berg Mt Adeamer (mountain), Berg Ulivar (mountain), Berg Ulivar (ridge(s)), Berg Ururiol (hill), Berg Viniboat (mountain), Berg Vinifei (peak), Berg-Ras (mountain), Beringuier (island), Bernard Island (island), Bernard Islands (islands), Besela (island), Besin (point), Besin Point (point), Bezin Point (point)

> bi

Bi (island), Bianekese (island), Bianeman (island), Bianemon (island), Bianu (island), Bianu Durchfahrt (marine channel), Bien arabodj (island), Big Sister Island (island), Bigali (island), Bigara To (island), Bigeew (blowhole(s)), Bigelimol (island), Bigeliwol (island), Bigelor (island), Bigen Karakar (island), Bigen Karakar Island (island), Bigen Kelang (island), Bigen Kelang Island (island), Bihof (island), Bihof Island (island), Bihofu To (island), Bilawache (hill), Bilebuoy (point), Biledug (hill), Bileduug (hill), Bileebugöy (point), Bileebuqoy (point), Bileeduug (hill), Bileengeel (hill), Bileeraar (blowhole(s)), Bileerock (hill), Bileeroek (hill), Bileewachëg (hill), Bileewachëq (hill), Bileeyibuw (phosphate works), Bilengel (hill), Bilerok (hill), Bileybu’ (phosphate works), Bileyibuw (phosphate works), Bileyrich (blowhole(s)), Bilig (hill), Biliig (hill), Biloechaang (populated locality), Binaew (populated place), Binaew (populated place), Binau (populated place), Binau (populated place), Binaw (populated place), Binaw (populated place), Binilen (island), Biofu-tō (island), Birara (island), Birara-tō (island), Birarudo-kō (harbor(s)), Bird Island (island), Bisar (island), Bishof (island), Bisinum (island), Bisivi (island), Bisunipa (island), Bisunipa Island (island)

> bl

Blelatsch (populated place), Blig (hill), Blochang (populated locality), Blosseville Spitze (point)

> bo

Boar Island (island), Boen (blowhole(s)), Boenes (island), Boenne (populated place), Bogul (populated place), Bois-Duval (island), Bonabi (island), Bonaki (island), Bonatik (point), Bonebay (island), Bonebey (island), Boon (blowhole(s)), Boquet Island (island), Bordelaise Island (atoll(s)), Bornabi (island), Bou Bay (bay), Boumga (island)

> br

Bride Island (island), Bridegroom Island (island), Bruggemann (populated place)

> bu

Buache-Berg (mountain), Buchäq (hill), Bucht Iluk (harbor(s)), Bucht Lamoseu (bay), Bucht Lemadol (bay), Bucht Lëvalol (bay), Bucht Nevon (anchorage), Buchtliuk (harbor(s)), Buet (island), Buet Islet (island), Bugdarmaqut (hill), Bugdarmaut (hill), Bugol (populated place), Bugudramaut (hill), Bugule aryer (building(s)), Buguleburey (hill), Buguleeburey (hill), Buguleek’eef (blowhole(s)), Buguleeqaryer (building(s)), Bugulek’ef (blowhole(s)), Bugulerar (building(s)), Buku (island), Buku-tō (island), Bulerar (blowhole(s)), Bulochang (populated locality), Buloochang (populated locality), Buluath (atoll(s)), Bulubul (island), Bulwol (populated place), Bunatik Hafen (bay), Bunebun (island), Bungabung (island), Bunker (atoll(s)), Bunkey (atoll(s)), Bunuknuk (locality), Bura Berg (hill), Busch Island (reef(s)), Busch-Insel (reef(s)), Bush Island (reef(s)), Buuku (island)

> bv

Bvhg (island)

> by

Byakutai (island)