aaAaru To (island)> abAbay...">

Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that begin with the letter "a"

> aa

Aaru To (island)

> ab

Abay (hill), Ablul (point), Abubu Durchfahrt (marine channel), Abyang (locality)

> ac

Acaac (island), Achach (island)

> ad

Adamamang (inlet), Adevue (populated place), Adibue (populated place), Adibuee (populated place), Adibuwee (populated place), Adibuwe’ (populated place), Adiriel (hill), Adjadj (island), Adubuwe’ (populated place)

> ae

Aelangakiit (island)

> af

Af (populated place), Af (harbor(s)), Afaran (island), Afaren (island), Afarene (island), Afarene Island (island), Afre’ (building(s)), Afuareene To (island), Afuarene To (island), Afwarēne-tō (island)

> ag

Aga Island (island)

> ah

Ahnd (atoll(s)), Ahnd Atoll (atoll(s)), Ahpal (peak), Ahu Legalega (island), Ahuedoru (island), Ahuetoru (island), Ahuirodo (island), Ahuirot (island), Ahuiroto (island), Ahulanui (island), Ahuosika (island), Ahuraanui (island), Ahurehatik (island), Ahurekareka (island), Ahurora Island (island), Ahuroroa (island), Ahuroroa Island (island), Ahuwetoru (island)

> ai

Aipakapw (peak), Airech (populated place), Airetj (populated place)

> ak

Akahk (populated locality), Akaku (populated locality)

> al

Alanalap (island), Alananub Island (island), Alananubi (island), Alananubu (island), Alanaupu (island), Alanelimo (island), Alanelimo Island (island), Alanenkobwe (island), Alanenkobwe Island (island), Alanenomei (island), Alang i Masil (island), Alanganome (island), Alanganome Island (island), Alanganubu (island), Alangeniman (island), Alangenimon (island), Alangenmon (island), Alangmwassel (island), Alanmwassal (island), Alanmwassel (island), Alanmwassel Island (island), Alanseiru (island), Alanseiru Island (island), Alansieru Island (island), Alath (blowhole(s)), Alaudscho (populated locality), Alaujo (populated locality), Alauso (populated locality), Alel (island), Alengarik (island), Alengarik Island (island), Aleon Durchfahrt (marine channel), Aleon Pass (marine channel), Aleru (populated place), Alet (island), Alet Island (island), Aliar Island (island), Aliar Pass (marine channel), Aliara (island), Aliare (island), Aliyir (hill), Allei (island), Alog (locality), Alohkapw (populated locality), Alohkapw (point), Alokap (populated locality), Alongot (populated place), Alruwa’ (road), Aluiroroa (island)

> am

Amara (bay), Amaraw (hill), Amas (island), Amas Island (island), Amin (populated place), Amin (populated place), Amodjang (point), Amuas Island (island), Amun (populated place), Amun (populated place), Amurtrid (island), Amurtride (island), Amurtride Island (island), Amwachang (point)

> an

Anagenimon (island), Anangai (island), Anangai Islands (atoll(s)), Anangenimon (island), Anangenipwan (island), Ananqenipuan (island), Anblach (hill), Andema Islands (atoll(s)), Ane Jima (island), Ane Shima (island), Anengenipuan (island), Angegul (atoll(s)), Angelul (atoll(s)), Angomanau (hill), Angomanaw (pass), Aniaima (atoll(s)), Anif (blowhole(s)), Anikunap (marine channel), Anikunap Channel (marine channel), Anipadsch (populated locality), Anipaj (populated locality), Anipas (populated locality), Anipasu (populated locality), Anipein Pah (populated locality), Anipein Powe (populated locality), Anipen (populated locality), Anipoas (populated locality), Ankerplatz bei Eten (anchorage), Ankerplatz um Eten (anchorage), Ano Jima (island), Anomä (peak), Anonima (atoll(s)), Anoth (populated place), Anoz (populated place), Ant Atoll (atoll(s)), Ant Inseln (atoll(s)), Ant Islands (atoll(s)), Anto Islands (atoll(s)), Anto-tō (atoll(s)), Anut (locality)

> ao

Aoura (island)

> ap

Apaitota (island), Apirgog (hill), Apiriromamo (shoal(s))

> ar

Aramilog (point), Arammuwasseru-tō (island), Aranganoume-tō (island), Aranmuwatseru To (island), Aranmuwatsuhiru To (island), Arao (island), Arare Jima (island), Arare-Shima (island), Ara’ (blowhole(s)), Areu (marine channel), Areu (populated locality), Areu (point), Areu Point (point), Arinel (populated place), Aringach (hill), Aringel (populated place), Aringell (populated place), Aringeru (populated place), Aringiru (populated place), Armilog (point), Armstrong (island), Arngach (hill), Arokappu (populated locality), Aronia Island (island), Arricifes Carolina (islands), Arthus (island), Aru (populated locality), Aru Channel (marine channel), Aru Einfahrt (marine channel), Aru Einfahrt Channel (marine channel), Aru Hafen (marine channel), Aru Harbor (marine channel), Aru Passage (marine channel), Aru Point (point), Aru Point (point), Aru Spitz (point), Aru Spitze (point), Aru Spitze (point), Arū-hana (point), Aruh Passage (marine channel), Arukanui (island), Arukanui Island (island), Aruu (populated locality), Aruu Hana (point), Aruu-suidō (marine channel), Aruwol (hill)

> as

Ascension Island (island), Asebar-Riff (island), Asor (island), Asor Island (island)

> at

Atakin (island), Atakin Island (island), Ateliu (populated place), Ateliw (populated place), Atell (populated place), Atelu (populated place), Ateru (populated place), Atiliu (populated place), Atiliw (populated place), Atkin (island), Atkin Island (island), Atlirow (marine channel), Atliw (populated place), Atliyrow (marine channel), Atokin (island), Atonap (reef(s)), Atonkis (shoal(s))

> au

Auachikku-tō (island), Auak (section of populated place), Aualap Durchfahrt (marine channel), Aualap Pass (marine channel), Auatek Island (island), Auatet Island (island), Auatik (island), Auchikku-To (island), Auetek (island), Aumar (populated place), Aumaru (populated place), Aumoar (populated place), Aun (populated place), Aura (atoll(s)), Aurepik Inseln (atoll(s)), Auripik (atoll(s)), Aurupig (atoll(s)), Auun (populated place), Auwetek (island)

> aw

Awak (section of populated place), Awak Pah (populated place), Awak Powe (section of populated place), Awatek (island), Awoch (hill), Awoch (hill)

> ay

Ayan (building(s)), Ayeng (hill), Ayirech (populated place), Ayong (inlet), Ayrach (populated place), Ayrech (populated place)