caCabara (mountain), Cabira (populated locality...">

Places in Burundi that begin with the letter "c"

> ca

Cabara (mountain), Cabira (populated locality), Cabire (populated locality), Cabumba (populated locality), Caga (populated locality), Caga (stream), Caga (populated place), Caga (locality), Cagizo (locality), Cagizo (populated locality), Caguka (locality), Cagura (populated locality), Cagwa (populated locality), Cahi (mountain), Cahi (populated locality), Cakaka (populated locality), Camabari (mountain), Camabari (locality), Camazi (populated locality), Camazi (populated locality), Cambogwe (populated locality), Cambwa (stream), Camizi (populated locality), Campazi (populated locality), Camugani (populated locality), Camumandu (populated locality), Cana (populated locality), Canamo (populated locality), Canda (populated locality), Cangugu (populated locality), Cangwe (cultivated area), Cangwe (populated locality), Canika (populated locality), Canika (populated locality), Canika (populated place), Cankarama (peak), Cankere (intermittent stream), Cankuzo (first-order administrative division), Cankuzo (first-order administrative division), Cankuzo (populated locality), Cankuzo (captial of a first-order administrative division), Canywera (stream), Canzara (populated locality), Canzikiro (populated place), Canzu (populated locality), Cap de Mvugo (cape), Caragata (populated locality), Carama (locality), Caranka (populated locality), Caratsi (populated locality), Cari (populated locality), Carire (populated locality), Carire (populated locality), Carubambo (populated place), Cashi (populated locality), Casokwe (stream), Cayi (populated locality)

> ce

Cendajuru (mountain), Cendajuru (populated locality), Cendajuru (populated place), Cendajuru (populated locality), Cendajuru (populated place), Cendajuru (mountain), Cende (mountains), Cene (mountains), Centrale hydro-électrique Kiremba (hydroelectric power station), Cera (populated locality), Ceramunda (populated locality), Ceranda (forest(s)), Cero (populated locality), Ceru (populated locality), Ceru (populated locality), Ceru (populated locality), Ceru (populated locality), Cewe (populated locality), Cewe (populated locality), Cewe (populated place), Cewe (populated locality), Ceyerezi (populated locality), Cezi (populated place)

> ch

Chamisi (populated locality), Chamunandu (populated locality), Chamusi (populated locality), Chanzu (populated locality), Chendajulu (populated locality), Chimba (populated locality), Chizanye River (stream), Chutes (waterfall(s)), Chutes de la Karera (waterfall(s)), Chutes Musagara (waterfall(s))

> ci

Cibari (populated locality), Cibitoke (captial of a first-order administrative division), Cibitoke (populated locality), Cibitoke (first-order administrative division), Cibitoke (first-order administrative division), Cibitoke (section of populated place), Cibitoke (populated place), Cibwire (populated locality), Cidimbo (trail), Cidimbo (intermittent stream), Cigati (populated locality), Cigazure (intermittent stream), Cigazure (stream), Cigome (populated locality), Cigumije (populated locality), Cihisho (populated locality), Cihonda (populated locality), Cihonda (populated locality), Cimabare (populated locality), Cimba (intermittent stream), Cimba (populated locality), Cimbizi (intermittent stream), Cimo (populated locality), Cimwera (intermittent stream), Cinga (populated locality), Cingwa (populated place), Cingwe-Nyamata (populated place), Ciniko (stream), Cinjira (intermittent stream), Cinkwi (mountain), Cintama (cultivated area), Cinyundo (mountain), Cinywera (intermittent stream), Cinywera (populated place), Cirambo (populated locality), Ciri (populated locality), Cirisha (populated locality), Cirisha (populated locality), Cirisha (populated locality), Cishwa (populated locality), Cishwa (populated place), Civugiza (locality), Civugiza (populated locality), Civugiza (mountain), Ciya (populated locality), Ciyando (populated locality), Ciyando (locality), Ciyubake (populated locality), Ciyubake (populated place), Cizanye (stream), Cizanye (stream), Cizanye (stream), Cizanye (stream)

> co

Coga (populated locality), Coganyana (intermittent stream), Coganyi (populated locality), Coganyoni (locality), Cogo (populated locality), Cogo (populated place), Cogo (stream), Cogo (stream), Cogo (stream), Cogo (intermittent stream), Cogo (stream), Cogo (intermittent stream), Cogo (intermittent stream), Cogo (stream), Cogo (intermittent stream), Cogo (intermittent stream), Cogo (stream), Cogo (intermittent stream), Cogo (intermittent stream), Cogo (intermittent stream), Cogo (intermittent stream), Cogo (stream), Cogo (stream), Cogo (stream), Cogo (stream), Cogo (stream), Cogo (stream), Cohoha (lake), Collège Don Bosco (college), Collège Don Bosco Ngozi (college), Collége le Saint Esprit Bujumbura (college), Collège Saint Esprit (college), Collège St Esprit (college), Coma (populated locality), Cona (populated place), Condi (populated place), Conga (populated locality), Congori (populated locality), Conza (stream), Cowe (populated locality)

> cu

Cuba (populated place), Cugaro (populated locality), Cugaro (populated place), Cugaro (populated locality), Cugaro (intermittent stream), Cugi (populated locality), Cuhirwa (stream), Cuhu (populated locality), Cukiro (populated locality), Cumba (mountain), Cumba (populated locality), Cumba (populated locality), Cumba (populated place), Cumba (populated locality), Cumba (populated locality), Cumva (stream), Cumva (populated locality), Cunamwe (populated locality), Cunda (populated locality), Cunda (populated locality), Cunda (stream), Cunda (populated locality), Cunguza (populated locality), Cunyu (populated locality), Cunyu (stream), Cunywe (populated place), Cura (populated locality), Curabugufi (populated locality), Curiza (populated locality), Cuzwe (populated locality), Cuzwe (wetland)