Statistics for WALLIS AND FUTUNA

Most viewed posts in WALLIS AND FUTUNA

Teesi (populated place)
Banka Tuskarora (seamount)
Wallis et Futuna (dependent political entity)
Passe Faïoa (marine channel)
Haalalo Point (point)
Rochers de Champeaux (rocks)
Circonscription d’ Uvéa (second-order administrative division)
Lac Lanutuli (crater lake)
Waterwitch Bank (seamount)
Lanumaha (crater(s))
Southwest Rock (rock)
Baie de l’ Ouest (harbor(s))
Halalo (populated place)
Banc Safiafi (seamount)
Sommet Singavi (mountain)
Wallis Islands (islands)
Mua Anchorage (anchorage)
Alofitai (populated place)
Mont Afala (hill)
Passe Fugauvea (inlet)
Passe Foioa (marine channel)
Matâ’utu (captial of a first-order administrative division)
Isabella Bank (reef(s))
Îles Wallis et Futuna (dependent political entity)
Lac Lano (crater lake)
Circonscription d’ Alo (administrative division)
Mont Lulu (hill)
Pointe Mataaho (point)
Sommet de Schouwen (mountain)
Somalama (rocks)
Singave Bay (cove(s))
Île Tekaviki (island)
Foss Reef (reef(s))
Robbie Ridge (ridge)
Wallis Archipelago (islands)
Pointe Sauma (point)
Lulu Hill (hill)
Little Peak (peak)
Îlot Fungalei (island)
Banc Home (seamount)
Anse de Sigavé (cove(s))
Ha’alalo (populated place)
Gamua (populated place)
Leava (populated place)
Île Luaniva (island)
Sigave Bay (cove(s))
Mount Puke (mountain)
Chenal Sain (marine channel)
Rochers Somaloma (rocks)
Île Faïoa (island)

Less viewed posts in WALLIS AND FUTUNA

Vailola (point)
Falaleu (populated place)
Feletoa (island)
Field Bank (seamount)
Pointe Rocheuse (point)
Vaimatau (populated place)
Utufua (populated place)
Uvea (islands)
Îlot Nukufotu (island)
Hoorne Islands (islands)
Green Point (point)
Bayonnaise Seamount (seamount)
Îles de Horne (islands)
Vaitupu (populated place)
Rotumah Shoal (reef(s))
Île Fenua Fu (island)
Pointe Lausikula (point)
Pointe Matakaviki (point)
Foss Bank (reef(s))
Singave (populated place)
Halamaitai (populated place)
Fineveke (populated place)
Île Nukufufulanoa (island)
Île Nukuofo (island)
Banc Adolph (seamount)
Pointe Mua (point)
Mont Loka (hill)
North Point (point)
Rotuma Shoal (reef(s))
Pointe Nord (point)
Leava (populated place)
Îlot Nuku Fetau (island)
Lano (populated place)
Combe Seamount (seamount)
Sigavé (populated place)
Robbie Bank (reef(s))
Loto Mua (populated place)
Point Finekova (point)
Pointe Utuloko (point)
Tufuone (populated place)
Siafiafi Bank (seamount)
Pointe d’ Alo (point)
Pointe Rouge (point)
Haatofo (populated place)
Taviuni Reef (reef(s))
Wallis Island (island)
Îles Wallis (islands)
Îlot Nukutaakimua (island)
Nuku Akimoa (island)
Pointe Pyramides (point)