Statistics for VANUATU

Most viewed posts in VANUATU

Ipeukeul (populated place)
Île Vito (island)
Grande Plaine de Cendres (plateau)
Baie Baldwin (bay)
Grande Plaine de Cendre (plateau)
Pallicolo (bay)
Port-Vila (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Malotina (island)
Megham (populated place)
Île Uri (island)
Baie d’ Enam (cove(s))
Fejian Anchorage (bay)
Paul Rock (reef(s))
Circonscription de Santo (administrative division)
Vanuatu (independent political entity)
Mount Sere’ama (mountain)
Baie du Soufre (bay)
Ounay (stream)
Lovlit (locality)
Lametin (locality)
Undine Bay (bay)
Anse Hayter (bay)
Baie Kwang (cove(s))
Pic de la Selle (peak)
Bonkilsip (cove(s))
Lonock Bay (cove(s))
Luganville (populated place)
Republic of Vanuatu (independent political entity)
Baie Baiia (bay)
Ablow (populated place)
Baie Pangkoumou (bay)
Great Ash Plain (plateau)
Plaine de Cendres (plateau)
Ireupuow (populated place)
Île Ouré Ouré (island)
Anmouit Point (point)
Grande de Baie (bay)
Port du Sud (bay)
Pointe Nousa (point)
Santo/Malo (first-order administrative division)
Vanuatu (independent political entity)
Sydney (populated place)
Baie Elaboé (cove(s))
Baie Metensa (bay)
Baie du Requin (cove(s))
Yates (stream)
Samo (populated place)
Ipeukel (populated place)
Shefa (first-order administrative division)
Palavol (spur(s))

Less viewed posts in VANUATU

Tling (mountain)
Waratsigi (stream)
Wamiel (stream)
Bespira (stream)
Aiwos Mission Station (populated place)
Île Dionn (island)
Wambu (stream)
Ponhouvé (stream)
Ponhouré (stream)
Tchira (stream)
Wakon (populated place)
Bouhinboué (intermittent stream)
Tivel (populated place)
Pointe Lipanpan (point)
Wilir (stream)
Rouisseau Vouivoui (intermittent stream)
Tavani Tipikal (mountain)
Smoienwaï (intermittent stream)
Pomaré (mountain)
Bonkovia (populated place)
Selembanga (populated place)
Biam Point (point)
Pwélé (populated place)
Inréro (mountain)
Baie Malua (cove(s))
Rerep (populated place)
Sanamba (mountain)
Nanamorou (populated place)
Witaba (populated place)
La Forari (stream)
La Colle (stream)
Passage de Hargonmari (inlet)
Poussabier (populated place)
Tapoutoara (mountain)
Baie Sasoun (bay)
Batambou (populated place)
Baie Ouliana (cove(s))
Lonboué (populated place)
Waï Tari (intermittent stream)
Ranwas (populated place)
Vourias (populated place)
Wari (stream)
Warbot (stream)
Waï Rigi (stream)
Towol (populated place)
Walurighi (populated place)
Wadounbowi (populated place)
Suiua (populated place)
Green Point (populated place)
Pounalvat (populated place)