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Minorca (island)
Castle Cove Hotel (hotel)
Pitch Lake (asphalt lake)
Caratara River (stream)
Southern Range (hills)
Pitch Lake of La Brea (asphalt lake)
General Hospital (hospital)
El Cerro del Aripo (mountain)
Golfo de Paria (gulf)
Minorca Island (island)
Fort George (fort)
Caroni Swamp (swamp)
Cape Garfio (cape)
Calcutta Settlement (populated place)
Cape Cola (cape)
Gulf of Paria (gulf)
Fort King George Light Tower (lighthouse)
Trinidad (independent political entity)
Couva Production Platform (oil well)
Trinidad River (stream)
James Park (park)
Sierra Leone (populated place)
Carrera Islet (island)
Cunupia (second-order administrative division)
Golfo Triste (gulf)
Scotia Bank ()
Domus Bay (bay)
Store Bay (bay)
Caroni Savanna (swamp)
Port Authority (administrative facility)
Caroni Swamp Reserve (reserve)
Monkey Town (populated place)
Bass River (stream)
Couva (oil well)
Forres Park (populated place)
Back Hill (hill)
Scarborough General Hospital (hospital)
Moruga River (stream)
Doctors River (stream)
Brasso Piedra River (stream)
Cocorite (populated place)
Rocky Point (point)
Dragons Mouths (marine channel)
Antillas Mayores (islands)
Cumana River (stream)
André Point (point)
Sans Souci Point (point)
Mon Plaisir (populated place)
Carenage (populated place)
Petite Pool River (stream)

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Ravine Sable (stream)
Tumpuna River (stream)
Tumpuna Reserve (forest reserve)
Tarouba River (stream)
Victoria Village (populated place)
Vistabella (populated place)
Momuripo River (stream)
Umbrella Rock (rock)
Tête Boeuf (point)
Tucuche (mountain)
La Seiva River (stream)
La Ceiba River (stream)
La Josefita (hill)
Rio de Couva (stream)
Blue Haven Hotel (hotel)
Nariva Windbelt Reserve (forest reserve)
Ecclesville Windbelt Forest Reserve (forest reserve)
Muro River (stream)
Balantia River (stream)
Cheeyou (populated place)
Guatapajaro River (stream)
L’Anse Chette (bay)
Lizard River (stream)
L’Ebranche Hill (hill)
L’Enfer (rock)
Radix Lagoon River (stream)
Radix Point (peninsula)
Petite Pilote River (stream)
Petit Tuero River (stream)
Pool River (stream)
Petit Pool River (stream)
Tulls (populated place)
Tapana River (stream)
Tacarigua Reserve (forest reserve)
Piarco Savanna (plain(s))
Petite Marianne River (stream)
Breakfast River (stream)
Mahault River (stream)
Nutmeg Grove (populated place)
Englishman’s Bay River (stream)
Cinnamon Hill (populated place)
Runnemede (populated place)
King Bay (bay)
Richmond River (stream)
Aripo River (stream)
Sisters (islands)
Adelphi (populated place)
Friendship (populated place)
Friendsfield (populated place)
Frenchmans River (stream)