Statistics for TONGA

Most viewed posts in TONGA

Gardner’s Island (island)
Yellow Pier (pier)
Tonga Trench (trench)
Lau Trough (basin)
Ha‘amonga (monument)
Zhelob Tonga (trench)
Lau Basin (basin)
Tofua Trough (trough)
Tofua Ridge (ridge)
Tonga-Kermadec Trench (trench)
Tonga Deep (trench)
Mapu ‘a Vaea (blowhole(s))
Aldrich Deep (trench)
Ha‘amonga ‘a Maui (monument)
Kermadec-Tonga Troughs (trench)
Taula Island (island)
Touliki Moor (pier)
St John College (school)
Annamooka (island)
Ha‘amonga Trilithon (monument)
Tofoa (island)
Fonuafo‘ou (volcano)
Beach House (hotel)
Pylstaert (island)
Toga (islands)
Havre Trough (basin)
Ava Pupu (marine channel)
Russell Reef (reef(s))
Faua Slipper (pier)
Disappointment Tablemount (plateau)
Tauta (island)
Tonga Ridge (ridge)
Foto Goa (ruin(s))
Vava‘u Island (island)
Motu Tapu (island)
Tongatapu Group (islands)
Juno Rock (rock)
Capricorn Tablemount (plateau)
Kotu Group (islands)
Paepae (cove(s))
Gora Kaprikorn (plateau)
Capricorn Seamount (plateau)
Lotoha’apai (populated place)
The Burden of Maui (monument)
Fofoa Island (island)
Monro Rock (rock)
Puleieia (populated place)
Lua Ui (island)
Tonga (independent political entity)
Vuna Wharf (wharf(-ves))

Less viewed posts in TONGA

Neeneva (island)
‘Eueiki (island)
Masilamea (populated place)
Neiafu (populated place)
Ulanga Uta (reef(s))
North Minerva Reef (reef(s))
Uonuku Hahake (island)
Lua Buki (reef(s))
Malinoa Island (island)
Late Island (island)
Falcon Bank (reef(s))
‘Oneata Island (island)
Ava Muikuku (inlet)
Manuka (populated place)
Maninita Island (island)
Mangone (island)
’Umuna Island (island)
Lua Kaba (island)
Nuapapu (populated place)
Niuapapu (island)
Valetoakakau Island (island)
Huga (island)
Mangia (populated place)
Ta‘anea (populated place)
Luahoko Island (island)
Nukufaiau (island)
’Olo’ua (populated place)
Otungake (island)
Lekeleka Island (island)
Proby Island (island)
Tu‘anekivale (populated place)
Uanukuhahaki Island (island)
Lua Lahi (reef(s))
Motutapa Island (island)
Fotoua (island)
Holobeka (populated place)
Fakahigu Island (island)
Esk Shoals (reef(s))
Hakau Fatunanono (reef(s))
Neiafu (populated place)
Neafu (populated place)
Manima Island (island)
Kalau (island)
Ovalau (island)
Hatou (populated place)
Ngau (island)
Kawege (island)
Naoonoho (island)
Fahefa (populated place)
Faleloa (populated place)