Statistics for SWAZILAND

Most viewed posts in SWAZILAND

Hlelo (stream)
Lobamba (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Mbabane (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Lobomba (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Swaziland (independent political entity)
Nokwane Causeway (causeway)
Ngwane (independent political entity)
Swasieland (independent political entity)
Kadake (railroad station)
Ngongwane (intermittent stream)
Vikisijula (mission)
Kingdom of Swaziland (independent political entity)
Mananga Point (promontory(-ies))
Lubitshane (intermittent stream)
Ponjane Hills (hills)
Vigisijula (mission)
Piggs Peak (captial of a first-order administrative division)
Cecil Mack’s Pass (pass)
Pigg’s Peak District (first-order administrative division)
Stegi (captial of a first-order administrative division)
Piggs District (first-order administrative division)
Havelock Mine (mine(s))
Vig Isiyula (mission)
Ufafa (mountain)
Mpaka Station (railroad station)
Phuzumoya Station (railroad station)
Sabana Pass (pass)
Ka Dake Station (railroad station)
Piggs Peak (peak)
Mfuta (intermittent stream)
Ngwempisana River (stream)
Vilakati Kop (mountain)
Black Umbeloosi River (stream)
Ndumbi River (stream)
Croydon (populated place)
Lukango (intermittent stream)
White Imbuluzi (stream)
Pongolapoortdam (reservoir(s))
Mbulungwane Kop (mountain)
Mbabane River (stream)
The Peak (peak)
Lebombo Mountains (hills)
Derby (mountain)
Bulunga Mountains (mountains)
Sechane (stream)
Umlambongwenya River (stream)
Hawane Kop (mountain)
Mananga (mountains)
Kamhlabane (mountain)
Mooihoek (populated place)

Less viewed posts in SWAZILAND

Lapande Kop (mountain)
Mkumbana River (stream)
Maboko (stream)
Makwana (mountain)
Mbutini Hills (hills)
Mpofu River (stream)
Ugutugulo (stream)
Lavumisa (populated place)
Lapanda Kop (mountain)
Spekboom (stream)
Mtimpili River (stream)
Mponono (stream)
Mtombe River (stream)
Spekboomrivier (stream)
Mabata (stream)
Nsongweni River (stream)
Lutotsha (mountain)
Ezulwini (stream)
Ezulweni (populated place)
Dubekeni River (stream)
Dwaleni Kop (mountain)
Molingane Kop (mountain)
Malolotsha River (stream)
Herefords (populated place)
Ntonga Kop (mountain)
Sipofaneni (populated place)
Seyama Kop (mountain)
Sibowe River (stream)
Rocklands (populated place)
Mkumbana (stream)
Etshede Kop (mountain)
Esthede Kop (mountain)
Mzimneni River (stream)
Manziwayo (stream)
Ndoban-doba River (stream)
Muweni River (stream)
Msuzwane River (stream)
Mhlamanti (stream)
Mliba (populated place)
Mponono River (stream)
Similane Kop (mountain)
Nsoko (populated place)
Bunya (populated place)
Mantasa Hlovana (mountain)
Mbombwane Kop (mountain)
Mliba Kop (mountain)
Dome (mountain)
Lomahasha (populated place)
Mconga Kop (mountain)
Isikupi (mountain)