Statistics for SWAZILAND

Most viewed posts in SWAZILAND

Hlelo (stream)
Lobamba (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Mbabane (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Swaziland (independent political entity)
Lobomba (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Nokwane Causeway (causeway)
Ngwane (independent political entity)
Ngongwane (intermittent stream)
Kadake (railroad station)
Swasieland (independent political entity)
Vikisijula (mission)
Mananga Point (promontory(-ies))
Kingdom of Swaziland (independent political entity)
Piggs Peak (captial of a first-order administrative division)
Lubitshane (intermittent stream)
Ponjane Hills (hills)
Cecil Mack’s Pass (pass)
Piggs District (first-order administrative division)
Pigg’s Peak District (first-order administrative division)
Stegi (captial of a first-order administrative division)
Vigisijula (mission)
Havelock Mine (mine(s))
Ufafa (mountain)
Mpaka Station (railroad station)
Vig Isiyula (mission)
Phuzumoya Station (railroad station)
Sabana Pass (pass)
Piggs Peak (peak)
Ka Dake Station (railroad station)
Mfuta (intermittent stream)
Ndumbi River (stream)
Mbulungwane Kop (mountain)
Vilakati Kop (mountain)
Ngwempisana River (stream)
Croydon (populated place)
Lukango (intermittent stream)
Black Umbeloosi River (stream)
The Peak (peak)
Mbabane River (stream)
Pongolapoortdam (reservoir(s))
Derby (mountain)
Lebombo Mountains (hills)
Sechane (stream)
White Imbuluzi (stream)
Bulunga Mountains (mountains)
Hawane Kop (mountain)
Mooihoek (populated place)
Umlambongwenya River (stream)
Mananga (mountains)
Kamhlabane (mountain)

Less viewed posts in SWAZILAND

Lapande Kop (mountain)
Mkumbana River (stream)
Msulutane River (stream)
Herefords (populated place)
Dubekeni River (stream)
Spekboom River (stream)
Mbombane Kop (mountain)
Nsagana River (stream)
Lokolwane Kop (mountain)
Msulutane (stream)
Lapanda Kop (mountain)
Mtendekwa River (stream)
Seyama Kop (mountain)
Sibowe (stream)
Sidokodo River (stream)
Mkumbana (stream)
Zibe River (stream)
Spekboomrivier (stream)
Mconga Kop (mountain)
Emlembe Mountain (mountain)
Spekboom (stream)
Nhloya (stream)
N’Komazana (stream)
Hlati (mountain)
Ndoban-doba River (stream)
Muweni (stream)
Mshange (hill)
Mozaan (stream)
Nsongweni River (stream)
Malanti Spruit (stream)
Ngadwako River (stream)
Nsoko (populated place)
Simoniet (stream)
Mhlatuze (stream)
Ndhlozane (stream)
Bhunya (populated place)
Sicunusa (populated place)
Sidokodo (stream)
Gagu (stream)
N’Komazana River (stream)
Gagu River (stream)
Incuba Kop (mountain)
Etshede Kop (mountain)
Zibe (stream)
Slingaana (mountain)
Emlende (mountain)
Secupa Kop (mountain)
Mantasa Hlovana (mountain)
Mbulongwane Kop (mountain)
Ezulwini (stream)