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Belvedere (populated place)
State of Saint Lucia (independent political entity)
Saint Croix Roadstead (roadstead)
Colony of Saint Lucia (independent political entity)
Fond Blanc (shoal(s))
Saint Croix Roads (roadstead)
Liverpool Rocks (rocks)
Anse du Piaye (bay)
Islet Maria (islands)
Marisule Beach (beach)
Sapphire (populated place)
Anse Sable (cove(s))
Castries (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Balambouche Rocks (rocks)
Bois Joli (populated locality)
Mathurin Point (point)
Sable Point (point)
Morne Panache (populated locality)
Cap Estate (populated place)
Saltibus (populated place)
Sainte Croix Roads (roadstead)
Savannes Estate (populated place)
Le Grand Cul de Sac (bay)
Cape Des Bottes (cape)
Fond d’Or (populated locality)
Chopin Ridge (ridge(s))
Vigie Airport (airport)
Savannes Bay (bay)
Saint Urbain (hill)
Vigie Beach (beach)
Hewanorra International Airport (airport)
Maria Islands (islands)
Bottes Cape (cape)
Marie Island (islands)
Cocoa Nut Shoal (shoal(s))
Saint Lucia Island (island)
Vigie (airport)
Vige (populated place)
Balembouche River (stream)
Cross Hill (hill)
Caille Reef (reef(s))
Saint Lucia Channel (marine channel)
Vigie Promontory (headland)
Maria Island (islands)
Marigot Bay (populated place)
Anse Ger (bay)
Hewanorra (airport)
Soufrière River (stream)
Trou Gacon (cove(s))
Savannes Bay Nature Reserve (nature reserve)

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Petit Trou (bay)
Millet (populated place)
Mahaut (populated place)
Petite Anse (bay)
Two Friends (populated place)
Petite Anse Palmiste (bay)
Grand Cul de Sac Bay (bay)
De Mailly (populated place)
Riche Fond (populated place)
Mount Terrafallee (mountain)
L’Anse Feree (bay)
Pilori Bay (bay)
Pourvait Bay (bay)
Terrefallee (mountain)
Petite Piton Point (point)
Perou (populated place)
Port Savannes (bay)
Petit Anse (bay)
Ressource (populated place)
Frigate (island)
La Croix Maingot (populated place)
Mahaut Bay (bay)
Pond Saint Jacques (populated place)
Monchy (populated place)
Petit Piton Point (point)
La Fague (populated place)
Fregate Island (island)
Feree Bay (bay)
Anse Pilori (bay)
Grande Anse (populated place)
Praslin Island (island)
Mount Siquots (mountain)
Anse Chapeau (bay)
Dugard (populated place)
L’Anse Fére (bay)
L’Islet Point (point)
L’Angere Point (point)
Charlotte (populated place)
Caesar Point (point)
Mount de Bottes (mountain)
D’Aubaigon (populated place)
Point Sable (populated place)
Povert Point (point)
La Raye Bay (bay)
Petite Palmiste Bay (bay)
Mongiraud (populated locality)
Port Micoud (bay)
Delcer (populated place)
Motête (populated place)
Pointe Lamarre (point)