Statistics for NIUE

Most viewed posts in NIUE

Alofi (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Aleuta (locality)
Niue (semi-independent political entity)
Natuku (locality)
Tomb Point (point)
Tipa (point)
Huvalu (populated place)
Anakula (locality)
Matapa Chasm (gorge(s))
Vahavaha (locality)
Makatutaha (locality)
Vailoa Chasm (gorge(s))
Avatele Bay (bay)
Niue (island)
Tutuila (locality)
Matavao (locality)
Savage Island (island)
Alofi Bay (bay)
Matafonua (locality)
Toa (locality)
Matalave (populated place)
Mataafi (locality)
Kaopa (locality)
Lavaka (locality)
Matalakuti (locality)
Fatiau (populated place)
Makanga (locality)
Republic of Niue (semi-independent political entity)
Taueau (locality)
Iniue (island)
Tamatakula (locality)
Lalotuake (locality)
Toi (locality)
Meleuli (locality)
Niue Island (island)
Avatele (populated place)
Makanga (locality)
Motutapu (locality)
Makatu (locality)
Ana (locality)
Namukulu (populated place)
Tialeuta (locality)
Motu (locality)
Fagalilika (locality)
Laloata (locality)
Makaapiapi (locality)
Makefu (populated place)
Savage Island (island)
Vaohina (locality)
Lalole (locality)

Less viewed posts in NIUE

Tukitukipule (locality)
Tamakautoga (locality)
Tahileleki (locality)
Grutulili (locality)
Nukufetau (locality)
Fugigie (locality)
Falehavaiki (locality)
Kaimite (locality)
Hina (locality)
Tapaike (locality)
Muilimu (locality)
Taoli (populated place)
Tumukieto (locality)
Tumea (locality)
Vili (locality)
Tuapa (populated place)
Lakepa (populated place)
Mutalau (populated place)
Takaoga (locality)
Pikiona (locality)
Liha (populated place)
Takaogo (locality)
Fumaila (locality)
Taumalala (locality)
Fuata (locality)
Hakupu (populated place)
Lolokieto (locality)
Talakifea (locality)
Vaiila (locality)
Anaheke (locality)
Motutopu (locality)
Tiatele (locality)
Kavaka (locality)
Motule (locality)
Fakaagi (locality)
Fulalatea (locality)
Patuoko (locality)
Liku (populated place)
Hikutivake (populated place)
Blow Hole Point (point)
Makatugi (locality)
Mamakula (populated place)
Lalole (locality)
Vaohina (locality)
Makaapiapi (locality)
Laloata (locality)
Savage Island (island)
Makefu (populated place)
Namukulu (populated place)
Ana (locality)