Statistics for NIGERIA

Most viewed posts in NIGERIA

Mankera (populated place)
Ibiono Ewura (populated place)
Abiono (populated place)
Ape (populated place)
Chibok (populated place)
Eastern Nigeria Development Corporation Ibiae Oil Palm Estate (oil palm plantation)
Obolo (populated place)
Oke Dare (populated place)
Gbo (populated place)
Eme (stream)
River Unanso (stream)
Chad Basin (drainage basin)
Ja Thomas Staff Quarters (barracks)
Porno (populated place)
Asi (populated place)
Sepeti (populated place)
Adiyan River (stream)
Evira Pond (pond)
Umuida (populated place)
Najeda (populated place)
Tungan Magera (populated place)
Obokofia Plantation (farm)
Jauro Ali (populated place)
Jamaan Mamar (populated place)
Republic of Songhai (independent political entity)
Firishi (populated place)
Wafa (populated place)
Nigeria (independent political entity)
Amatolo Camp IV (populated place)
Paikon Kore (populated place)
North Sura Native Area (forest reserve)
Dan Bara (populated place)
Gidan Usman Danladi (populated place)
Alakati (stream)
Emu Nehua (populated place)
Mbente (populated place)
Ndon Utim (populated place)
Bardon Yana (populated place)
Babidi (populated place)
Ilali (populated place)
Ligia (populated place)
Central-Eastern ()
Azaga (populated place)
Rosa Mori (abandoned populated place)
Yaaba (populated place)
Alantika Hills (mountains)
Benji (populated place)
Gala (populated place)
Sapele (populated place)
Fantalu (populated place)

Less viewed posts in NIGERIA

Araromi-Gbadegun (populated place)
Ogbagwu (populated place)
Ofuo Camps (camp(s))
Tungan Tero (populated place)
River Maizala (stream)
Runtu Fulani (populated place)
Aragba (populated place)
Oginibo II (populated place)
Ogevalav (populated place)
River Onyam (stream)
Ikot Okon Archibong (populated place)
Ikot Ogum (populated place)
Dawodu (populated place)
River Kwantare (stream)
Tilla (populated place)
Rugan Yantu (populated place)
Osmayingbene (populated place)
Olodi (populated place)
Opotumbi (populated place)
Maigama (populated place)
Mai-Kabarume (populated place)
Otogbene Creek (distributary(-ies))
Ikot Ukpong (populated place)
Olotunbi (stream)
Ikot Osom (populated place)
Galadima (populated place)
Gidan Mallam Idi (populated place)
River Uyin (stream)
River Falanke (stream)
River Kuka (stream)
Ikot Obioko (populated place)
River Gbinrina (intermittent stream)
Kungibar (populated place)
River Murafi (section of stream)
Ikot Usop (populated place)
Hawan Dawaki (populated place)
Iton Odoro (populated place)
River Sagi (stream)
River Kurara (stream)
Ungwan Mani (populated place)
River Kunza (stream)
River Nwaorie (stream)
Ikot Utun (populated place)
Ikot Okure (populated place)
Ikot Okum (populated place)
Ikot Oku Ikono (populated place)
Ikot Okon (populated place)
Ikot Udo (populated place)
Erhe (populated place)
Erregha (populated place)