Statistics for MAURITIUS

Most viewed posts in MAURITIUS

Ville Noire (populated place)
Fort William (fort)
Martello Tower (tower)
Fort Adelaide (fort)
Pointe du Canal Mozambique (point)
Pont Bondieu (forest station)
Mauritius (independent political entity)
Fort George (fort)
Martello Tower (tower)
Fer à Cheval Spit (spit)
Coromandel (populated place)
Fort Albert (fort)
Mare d’Australia (populated place)
Republic of Mauritius (independent political entity)
Fort Victoria (fort)
Fort William Lighthouse (lighthouse)
Île Forency (section of island)
Britannia (populated place)
Curepipe (populated place)
Mont Borne (hill)
Île de France (independent political entity)
Île aux Fouquets (island)
Plaine Lauzun Industrial Zone (industrial area)
Balfour Garden (garden(s))
Banc Abbé (bank(s))
Île aux Aigrettes (island)
Souillac Bridge (bridge)
Canal Mozambique (point)
Horseshoe Spit (spit)
Butte aux Sables (point)
Rose Belle (hill)
Cape Brabant (cape)
Tamarin Estate (estate(s))
Curepipe (abandoned railroad station)
Cascade Bridge (bridge)
Marie Jeanne (populated place)
Le Fer à Cheval (spit)
Curepipe (area)
The Window (slope(s))
Anse Saint Martin (bay)
Mon Goût (populated place)
Midland (reservoir(s))
Flat Island (island)
Savane (first-order administrative division)
Forbach Hill (hill)
Blue Bay (cove(s))
Roches Noire (populated place)
Mont Virer (hill)
Kanaka (crater(s))
Hermitage (populated place)

Less viewed posts in MAURITIUS

Rivière des Creoles (populated place)
Les Charpentiers (rocks)
Passe Citronniers (channel)
Petite Pointe (point)
Belle Vue (populated place)
Trois Îlots (populated place)
Grand Port (harbor(s))
Fressanges (abandoned railroad station)
Rietz Passe (channel)
Ferney (populated place)
Ferney Mill (populated place)
Fayences Mountain (mountain)
Fayence Mountain (mountain)
Cap Malheureux (populated place)
Bambous (populated place)
Anse aux Caves (cove(s))
Réunion Maurel (populated place)
Cascade Graviers (stream)
Mont Plate (hill)
Anse Raffin (cove(s))
Passe de L’Est (channel)
Mon Trésor - Mon Désert (populated place)
Mauritius Airport (airport)
Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (airport)
Belle Mare (populated place)
Salazie (populated place)
Pointe aux Sables (populated place)
Pointe Bonhomme (point)
Ruisseau Patates (stream)
Rivière Baleine (stream)
Passe D’Oscorne (channel)
Crève Coeur (populated place)
Récif Sandringham (reef(s))
Sandringham Reef (reef(s))
Midlands (abandoned railroad station)
Bel Ombre (populated place)
Belle Vue Pilot (populated place)
Grande Rivière Noire (populated place)
Rivière Savanne (stream)
Rivière Savane (stream)
Frederica (populated place)
North Entrance to Grand Port (channel)
Rivière du Rempart (first-order administrative division)
Rivière Nyon (stream)
Tamarin Point (point)
Floréal (abandoned railroad station)
Bell Village Station (section of populated place)
Grand Bel Air (populated place)
Nouvelle Découverte (area)
Récif Nab (reef(s))