Statistics for CYPRUS

Most viewed posts in CYPRUS

Yeşilırmak Deresi (stream)
Αγρολάδου (populated place)
Kyrenia Shipwreck (wreck)
Lára Customs Station (customs post)
Agios Thyrsos (locality)
Yialias (intermittent stream)
Kalamidia (locality)
Cipro (island)
Limassol (port)
Mesaoria (plain(s))
Antiphonitis (monastery)
Chattalia (locality)
Limassol Sheraton Marina (marina)
Amala (mountain)
Επαρχία Αμμοχώστου (first-order administrative division)
Petra Dams (dam)
Pefkos (locality)
Cinanero (hill)
Pedalium (cape)
Diyarizo Deresi (intermittent stream)
Peya (populated place)
Saint Marina (populated place)
Buffavento Castle (castle)
Mavrovouni Mine (abandoned mine)
İpsos (populated place)
Cape Arnaoutis (cape)
Cikko Manastırı (monastery)
Baf İlçesi (first-order administrative division)
Yialoussa (populated place)
Pyla Watch Tower (ancient site)
Cape Apostolos Andreas (cape)
Nicosia (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Yamac (populated place)
Karvounas (locality)
Lefka Kafizes Dam (dam)
Laççi (populated place)
Ayios Kyriakos (church)
Phasoulla (populated place)
Korona (locality)
Rona Bay (bay)
Krommyon (cape)
Pano Vrysi (locality)
Yaliás Potamós (intermittent stream)
Phournia (locality)
Pallura Burnu (mountain)
Arnaoutides (locality)
Ayios Theodhosios (church)
Xystarka (locality)
Troodos (mountains)
Ormani (locality)

Less viewed posts in CYPRUS

Phoraomandres (locality)
Spitia Tous Romious (locality)
Zygo Vouno (mountain)
Ayios Yeoryios (church)
Trakhonas-Galinoporni Forest (forest(s))
Ayios Yeoryios (church)
Ayios Yeoryios (church)
Angelos (locality)
Neradhes (intermittent stream)
Pedya (intermittent stream)
Aymarina (populated place)
Moutti tou Poti (locality)
Ayios Seryios (church)
Aytotro (populated place)
Ayios Theodhoros Tillirias (populated place)
Lûricina (populated place)
Aymarinuda (populated place)
İstrovulo (section of populated place)
Λάρνακα (captial of a first-order administrative division)
Πάνω Κουτραφάς (populated place)
Σκουριώτισσα (populated place)
Argaki ton Potsoris (intermittent stream)
Pinia (locality)
Shingle Serakhis (intermittent stream)
Syrianochóri (populated place)
Μονή Πνάσι (monastery)
Προφήτης Ηλίας (church)
Ágioi Saránta (forest(s))
Άγιος Ιωάννης (church)
Ayia Napa Forest (forest(s))
Άγιος Γεώργιος (church)
Αγία Βαρβάρα (church)
Παναγία Φορβιώτισσα (church)
Avrochchilleri (locality)
Αγία Μαρίνα (church)
Panayia (church)
Παναγία (church)
Mosphileri (mountain)
Άγιος Ιωάννης (populated place)
Άγιος Θεόδωρος (church)
Moutti tis Fourkismenis (locality)
River Marathasas (intermittent stream)
Hasan Kiayia (locality)
Ελιά (populated place)
Anefani (locality)
Βαρίσεια (populated place)
Άγιος Ανδρόνικος (church)
Πραστιό (populated place)
Άγιος Μάμας (church)
Ayios Andronikos (church)