Statistics for CANADA

Most viewed posts in CANADA

Long Lake (lake)
Sidney (populated place)
Durban Harbour (harbor(s))
Cape Cargenholm (cape)
Wekweti (populated place)
New Quebec (territory)
Saint Peter Island (island)
Lake Muskoka (lake)
Ungava (territory)
Redland (rockfall)
Réservoir Manicouagan (crater lake)
Kinistino (populated place)
Edmundston (airport)
Mushalagan Lake (crater lake)
Redland Slide (rockfall)
Confederation Bridge (bridge)
Quebec (first-order administrative division)
Wolf (stream)
Sidney (populated place)
Sainte-Catherine (parish)
Jerome Lake (lake)
Restigouche River (stream)
Edmonton (captial of a first-order administrative division)
Thorburn Lake (populated place)
Prestile Stream (stream)
Berland (stream)
Harold Lake (lake)
Punuke Lake (lake)
Abandon Bay (bay)
Lac des Martres (lake)
Drayton Valley (populated place)
River John (stream)
Arctic Red River (populated place)
Little Wind River (stream)
Paradise Hill (populated place)
Britannia (section of populated place)
Moose Mountain Provincial Park (park)
Frank Clark Harbour (harbor(s))
McLennan River (stream)
Little George Island (island)
Lanesville (populated place)
Brooks Peninsula (peninsula)
Québec (first-order administrative division)
Boothia Peninsula (peninsula)
Okoa Bay (bay)
Saint Anthony Harbour (harbor(s))
Louisbourg Road (populated place)
Waskaiowaka Lake (lake)
Kispiox River (stream)
Snare River (stream)

Less viewed posts in CANADA

Cap d’ Éboulis (point)
Summit Lake (lake)
Lac Mendry (lake)
Île Patterson (island)
Pattee Island (island)
Cape Saint Mary’s (cape)
Skraeling Point (point)
Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel (populated place)
Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rivière-Bleue (populated place)
Saint-Joseph-de-Kamouraska (populated place)
Fredrikshald Bay (bay)
Upper Black Island (island)
Uphill Lake (lake)
Piers Island (island)
Red Island (populated place)
Sainte Geneviève Bay (bay)
Crow Flat Indian Creek (stream)
Cape Porter (cape)
Port Edward (populated place)
Awry Lake (lake)
Skaguay (stream)
Sixtymile Creek (stream)
Windigo River (stream)
Wapuskeya Lake (lake)
Lac Verton (lake)
Jones Lake (lake)
Tomlee Bay (bay)
Summit Lake (lake)
Sarah Lake (lake)
Lac La Poterie Inférieur (lake)
Lac Wilson (lake)
Lac Savane (lake)
Saint-Georges-Ouest (populated place)
Saint-Jean-de-Boischâtel (populated place)
Saint-Liquori (populated place)
Grand River (stream)
Lac Opiscoteo (lake)
Saint-Pierre (populated place)
Lac Roxton (lake)
Saint-Marcel-de-Richelieu (populated place)
Windsor (populated place)
Sainte-Élisabeth-de-Warwick (populated place)
Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton (populated place)
Sainte Clothilde (populated place)
Sainte Brigitte (populated place)
Sainte-Aurélie (populated place)
Sainte-Famille-d’Aumond (populated place)
Spencer Lake (lake)
Cape Warwick (cape)
Pelican Rapids (populated place)