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Little Anegada Island (island)
Cane Garden Bay (populated place)
Nanny Cay (land-tied island)
Anegada (airport)
Beef Island (airport)
Nannie Cay (land-tied island)
Pelican Cay (land-tied island)
Fort Burt Hotel (hotel)
Necker Islet (island)
Watson Rock (rock)
The Point (point)
Mattie Point (point)
Jack Bay (bay)
Caravel Rock (rock)
Norman Island (island)
West Hill (hill)
Lee Bay (bay)
Ballast Bay Ghut (intermittent stream)
Blunder Bay (bay)
Barracouta Banks (shoal(s))
Johnson Ghut (intermittent stream)
The Ghut (intermittent stream)
Key Bay (bay)
Pond Point (point)
Horse Shoe Reef (shoal(s))
Garden Ghut (intermittent stream)
Necker Island Passage (marine channel)
The Carvel (rock)
Trunk Bay (bay)
Coffee Ghut (intermittent stream)
East End (point)
Alphy Rock (rock)
The Bluff (point)
East Point (point)
Mosquito Island (island)
Kitto Ghut (bay)
Cam Bay (bay)
Red Point (point)
Cherry Ghut Bay (bay)
Fat Hogs Bay (bay)
Fortune Ghut (intermittent stream)
Cooper Bay (bay)
White Bay (bight(s))
Carrot Bay (bay)
Sprat Bay (bay)
Leverick Bay (bay)
Muskmelon Bay (bay)
Cappoons Bay (bay)
Brandywine Bay (bay)
Key Point (point)

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Sprat Point (point)
Robins Bay (cove(s))
Whale Banks (shoal(s))
Rough Point (point)
Little Tobago (island)
Long Bay (bay)
East End (point)
James Ghut (intermittent stream)
Tobago (island)
Grassy Ground Bluff (cape)
Fish Bay (cove(s))
Loose Cay (reef(s))
Old Jerusalem (island)
East End Bay (bay)
Fish Bay Ghut (intermittent stream)
Salt Ghut (section of intermittent stream)
Frenchmans Cay (island)
Black Point (point)
Maya Rocks (rocks)
Scotch Bank (shoal(s))
Batson Bay (cove(s))
British Virgin Islands (dependent political entity)
The Rudders (rock)
Mount Sage (mountain)
The Iguana Head (headland)
Josias Bay (bay)
Anegada Reef (shoal(s))
Rivet Hill (hill)
Cooper Island (island)
Sprat Bay (bay)
Mother Hagal Bay (bay)
The Guns (beach)
Cow Wreck Low Point (point)
Great Tobago (island)
Markoe Bay (bay)
Long Swamp (populated place)
Little Jost Van Dykes (island)
Prickly Bay (bight(s))
Paraquita Bay (bay)
East Seal Dog (island)
The Blinders (rocks)
Soldier East Point (point)
Cow Wreck High Point (point)
Tower Point (point)
Prickly Pear Island (island)
Towing Point (point)
Dead Water Point (point)
Great Governor Ghut (intermittent stream)
Little Thatch Island (island)
Pulpit Rock (rock)