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Pembroke Parish (first-order administrative division)
Bermuda Islands (islands)
Haggis Island (rock)
Causeway (causeway)
Cambridge Beaches (beaches)
The Causeway (causeway)
Powder Hole (hole)
United States Naval Air Station (airbase)
Bermuda Naval Air Station (airbase)
King’s Wharf (quay)
Horseshoe Bay (harbor(s))
Camber (strait)
Pitt’s Deep (basin)
Seymour’s Pond (pond)
Post Office Bar (reef(s))
Ireland Island Freeport (port)
Isle of Devils (islands)
Isles of Devils (islands)
Boiler Channel (channel)
Ireland Island South (section of island)
Ireland Island North (section of island)
Hamilton (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Casemate Prison (prison)
Little Watford Bridge (bridge)
Bermuda Freeport (port)
North Basin (docking basin)
Bermudas (islands)
Devonshire Dock (dock(s))
Daniel’s Head (peninsula)
Elephant Head (point)
Casemates Prison (prison)
Walsingham Caves (cave(s))
Spanish Rock (rock)
Daniel’s Island Flat (reef(s))
Little Head (cape)
Hogfish Bay (cove(s))
Howard Bay (bay)
Black Bay (bay)
Watling Island (island)
Great Bay (bay)
Sue Wood Bay (bay)
Cavello Bay (cove(s))
Cockburn Cut (channel)
Scrogham’s Bay (cove(s))
Little Head (point)
North Shore Village (populated place)
Horseshoe Bay (bay)
Achilles Bay (cove(s))
Blue Hole (cove(s))
Conyers’ Bay (bay)

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Five Star Island (island)
Two Rock Passage (channel)
Bailey Bay Flats (shoal(s))
Devils Flats (shoal(s))
Red Bay (bay)
Ferry Point (point)
Little Rogue’s Island (rock)
Great Bermuda (island)
Great Head (point)
Shelly Bay (bay)
Two Rocks Pass (channel)
Bremen Island (rock)
West Whale Bay (cove(s))
Charles Island (island)
Dyer Island (island)
Wilson’s Island (island)
Gates’ Bay (cove(s))
Tudor’s Hill (hill)
Margaret’s Bay (cove(s))
Gibb’s Hill (hill)
The Scaur (bay)
Burnt Island (island)
Albuoy’s Point (point)
Inner Island (island)
Agassiz Island (rock)
Elizabeth Island (island)
Boiling Hole (cove(s))
Church Bay (cove(s))
Burgess Point (point)
Church Bay (bay)
Burt’s Island (island)
The Rocky Partners (shoal(s))
Fort Albert (fort)
Bond Bay (bay)
Tudor’s Bay (cove(s))
Monkey Hole (cove(s))
Saint David Head (point)
Frank’s Bay (cove(s))
Ferry Point (point)
Sandy Hole (cove(s))
Ely’s Harbour (bay)
Frith’s Point (point)
Jenkin’s Boiler Channel (channel)
Dingle Island (rock)
Dolly’s Bay (bay)
Knight’s Hole (cove(s))
Brangman’s Fort (fort)
Eta Island (island)
Lambda Island (island)
Burt’s Island (island)