Places in France that are classified region

> a

Alsace (region), Amont (region), Angoumois (region), Anjou (region), Aquitaine (region), Ardennes (region), Argonne (region), Argonnen (region), Armagnac (region), Artois (region), Aunis (region), Auvergne (region)

> b

Bas Champs (region), Basse Normandy (region), Basse-Normandie (region), Béarn (region), Beauce (region), Berri (region), Berry (region), Bigorre (region), Boulonnais (region), Bourbonnais (region), Bourgogne (region), Brenne (region), Bresse (region), Bretagne (region), Brionnais (region), Brittany (region), Bugey (region), Burgundy (region)

> c

Camargue (region), Centre (region), Cévennes (region), Chalosse (region), Champagne (region), Champagne (region), Champagne-Ardenne (region), Charolais (region), Charollais (region), Collines de la Puisaye (region), Comminges (region), Comtat (region), Comtat Venaissin (region), Comté de Foix (region), Comté de Nice (region), Corse (region), Corsica (region), Côte-d’Or (region), Cotentin (region), Crau (region)

> d

Dauphiné (region), Dauphiny (region), District of Caux (region), Dombes (region), Duchy of Guienne (region)

> e

Elsass (region), Entre-Deux-Mers (region), Estérel (region)

> f

Foix (region), Franche-Comté (region), Free Country of Burgundy (region)

> g

Gascogne (region), Gascony (region), Gâtinais (region), Gâtine (region), Gévaudan (region), Grande Crau (region), Grandes Landes (region), Graves (region), Guienne (region), Guyenne (region)

> h

Haut-Médoc (region), Haut-Poitou (region), Haute Normandy (region), Haute-Normandie (region)

> i

Île de la Camargue (region), Ile Petite Camargue (region), Île-de-France (region), Isle of France (region)

> l

La Beauce (region), La Bourgogne (region), La Brenne (region), La Bresse (region), La Camargue (region), La Chalosse (region), La Champagne (region), La Crau (region), La Crau sur Durance (region), La Dombes (region), La Franche-Comté (region), La Gascogne Geroise (region), La Picardie (region), La Savoie (region), La Sologne (region), La Soule (region), Labourd (region), Landes (region), Landes de Gascogne (region), Landes de Lanvaux (region), Landes du Mené (region), Landes du Menez (region), Languedoc (region), Languedoc (region), Languedoc-Roussillon (region), Le Boulonnais (region), Le Charolais (region), Le Comminges (region), Le Dauphiné (region), Le Gâtinais (region), Le Gévaudan (region), Le Labourd (region), Le Limousin (region), Le Mâconnais (region), Le Maine (region), Le Mené (region), Le Midi Méditerranéen (region), Le Périgord (region), Le Poitou (region), Le Quercy (region), Le Revermont (region), Le Rouergue Occidentale (region), Le Trièves (region), Le Velay (region), Les Cevennes (region), Les Landes (region), Les Monts du Minervois (region), Les Ségalas (region), Limousin (region), Lomagne (region), Lorraine (region), Lotharii Regnum (region), Lotharingia (region), Lothringen (region), Lower Normandy (region), Lyonais (region), Lyonnais (region), L’Aunis (region), L’Estérel (region), L’Île-de-France (region)

> m

Mâconnais (region), Maine (region), Mantois (region), Marais Poitevin (region), Marche (region), Marquenterre (region), Médoc (region), Mélantois (region), Midi (region), Midi-Pyrénées (region), Minervois (region), Morvan (region)

> n

Navarre (region), Nivernais (region), Nivernois (region), Nord-Pas-de-Calais (region), Nord-Pas-de-Calais (region), Normandie (region), Normandy (region)

> o

Orléanais (region), Orléannais (region)

> p

Pays Basque (region), Pays de Born (region), Pays de Bray (region), Pays de Caux (region), Pays de Comminges (region), Pays de Dombes (region), Pays de la Loire (region), Pays de la Loire (region), Pays de Retz (region), Pays de Sault (region), Pays des Chaux (region), Pays d’ Albret (region), Pays d’ Auge (region), Périgord (region), Perthois (region), Petite Camargue (region), Pévèle (region), Picardie (region), Picardy (region), Plaine de la Camargue (region), Plaine de la Crau (region), Poitou (region), Poitou-Charentes (region), Ponthieu (region), Provence (region), Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur (region), Puisaye (region)

> q

Quercy (region)

> r

Revermont (region), Rhône-Alpes (region), Rouergue (region), Roussillon (region)

> s

Saintonge (region), Saintonge (region), Savoie (region), Savoy (region), Ségalas (region), Sidrobe (region), Sillon de Bretagne (region), Sologne (region), Soule (region), Southern France (region), Sundgau (region)

> t

The Landes (region), Thiérache (region), Touraine (region), Trégorrois (region), Tricastin (region), Trièves (region)

> u

Upper Normandy (region)

> v

Velay (region), Venaissin (region), Vercors (region), Vimeu (region), Vimeux (region)

> w

Wateringen (region), Wateringues (region)