yaYabal (populated place), Yabalito (populated...">

Places in Venezuela that begin with the letter "y"

> ya

Yabal (populated place), Yabalito (populated place), Yabalito (populated place), Yabalitos (area), Yabarana (tribal area), Yabuquiva (populated place), Yacua (populated place), Yacua (populated place), Yacuaray (populated place), Yacural (populated place), Yacure (triangulation station), Yacure (populated place), Yacurito (populated place), Yacurito Abajo (populated place), Yacurito Arriba (populated locality), Yagrumal (section of populated place), Yagrumal (section of populated place), Yagrumal (populated place), Yagrumal (populated place), Yagrumal (populated place), Yagrumito (area), Yagrumito (populated place), Yagrumito (locality), Yagua (populated place), Yagua (populated locality), Yagua (populated place), Yagual (populated place), Yagualito (populated place), Yagualito (populated place), Yaguapa (populated place), Yaguapa Abajo (populated place), Yaguapita (locality), Yaguapita (populated place), Yaguara (section of populated place), Yaguara (populated place), Yaguaraco (populated place), Yaguaracual (populated place), Yaguaranera (populated place), Yaguaraparo (populated place), Yaguaratal (populated place), Yaguare (populated place), Yaguas (populated place), Yaguera (populated place), Yaguita (populated place), Yai (populated place), Yalauna (populated place), Yaoruna (populated place), Yaque (populated place), Yaque Mocho (populated place), Yaracal (populated place), Yaracara (populated place), Yaracual (mountain), Yaracuy (first-order administrative division), Yaravaco (populated place), Yaritagua (populated place), Yaruro (populated place), Yasa (populated place), Yauno (populated place), Yauno (populated place), Yauno Viejo (populated place), Yaure Abajo (locality), Yaure Arriba (locality), Yavarano (tribal area), Yavita (populated place), Yay (populated place), Yayi (populated place)

> yb

Yberia (populated place)

> ye

Yebagsi (section of populated place), Yecuana (tribal area), Yeguera (populated place), Yegüera (triangulation station), Yegüera (populated place), Yegüera (populated place), Yeisibibeteri (populated place), Yeisicorobiteri (populated place), Yepropeteri (populated place), Yera (section of populated place), Yerba Buena (populated place), Yerichaña (populated place), Yerichanya (populated place), Yesquin (populated place)

> yi

Yimi (populated place)

> yo

Yoco (populated place), Yoco Abajo (populated place), Yogore (populated place), Yopales (populated place), Yori (populated place), Yosipa (populated place)

> yp

Ypsipa (area)

> yu

Yuagas (populated place), Yucucual (populated place), Yucumacara (populated place), Yugoeslavia (populated locality), Yuma (populated place), Yumare (populated place), Yumare (populated locality), Yumarito (populated place), Yumarito (populated place), Yumena (populated place), Yuoromota (populated place), Yuquique (populated place), Yusúruncu (building(s)), Yutaje (airfield)