quQuai (island), Quartel (populated place), Queba...">

Places in Guinea-bissau that begin with the letter "q"

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Quai (island), Quartel (populated place), Queba Gilau (populated place), Quebá Jilã (populated place), Quebaca (populated place), Quebacó (populated place), Quèbègi (populated place), Quèbéji (populated place), Quebel (populated place), Queber (abandoned populated place), Quebo (populated place), Quebo (populated place), Queca (populated place), Quecene (populated place), Quecete (populated place), Quecuta (populated place), Quecuta (populated place), Quecutel (abandoned populated place), Quedanca (populated place), Quedanga (populated place), Queficine (populated place), Quelele (populated place), Quenau (tidal creek(s)), Quendò (abandoned populated place), Quenebá (populated place), Quénebà (populated place), Quénebà (populated place), Quenebà (populated place), Quenebà (populated place), Quenejara (populated place), Queneje (populated place), Quenem (populated place), Quenhanque (populated place), Quenhaque (populated place), Quenhaque (populated place), Quenhaque (populated place), Quenhaque (populated place), Quenhaque (populated place), Quenhatò (populated place), Quenhato (populated place), Quenhato (populated place), Quenhequenheto (populated place), Quenhetó (populated place), Quenticó (populated place), Quepol (populated place), Quéqué (populated place), Quequeque (populated place), Quérè (abandoned populated place), Queré (populated place), Quérè (populated place), Queré (populated place), Querelento (abandoned populated place), Querene (populated place), Quèrèuane (abandoned populated place), Querim (populated place), Querique (populated place), Queroane (populated place), Queroane (populated place), Queroane (populated place), Queroane (populated place), Queroane (populated place), Queroane (populated place), Quérol (abandoned populated place), Queruai (populated place), Queruane (populated place), Querunguel Mancanha (populated place), Querunguel Papel (populated place), Quessana (abandoned populated place), Quessaque (populated place), Quessasse (populated place), Quesse (populated place), Quésser (abandoned populated place), Quete (populated place), Quetene (populated place), Quetubâ (populated place), Quetubo (populated place), Quêuel (abandoned populated place), Queuel (populated place), Queuel Lei (populated place), Qui (populated place), Qui (populated place), Quiassé (populated place), Quiassé (populated place), Quibil (populated place), Quibir (populated place), Quibir (populated place), Quicene (populated place), Quide (populated place), Quidinga (populated place), Quigiba (abandoned populated place), Quijem (abandoned populated place), Quijim (populated place), Quilande (populated place), Quilum (populated place), Quinara (first-order administrative division), Quinchana (populated place), Quinhámel (captial of a first-order administrative division), Quinhameli (captial of a first-order administrative division), Quinhaque (populated place), Quinhaque (populated place), Quinhato (populated place), Quinhequenheto (populated place), Quinheto (populated place), Quinique (stream), Quinjema (populated place), Quintáfine (populated place), Quintcha (populated place), Quintungul (populated place), Quiompo (populated place), Quique (abandoned populated place), Quirafo (populated place), Quissanque (populated place), Quissem (populated place), Quissem (populated place), Quissene (stream), Quissibé (abandoned populated place), Quissir (populated place), Quitafine (populated place), Quitaiá (populated place), Quitamo (populated place), Quitande (populated place), Quitungul (populated place), Quiuta (populated place), Quixangue (populated place)