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Places in Germany that begin with the letter "l"

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La Bickenalbe Ruisseau (stream), La Bisten Rivière (stream), La Blies Rivière (stream), La Horn Riviére (stream), La Lauter Rivière (stream), La Moselle (stream), La Moselle Rivière (stream), La Nied Française Rivière (stream), La Nied Rivière (stream), La Rosselle Rivière (stream), La Rosselle Ruisseau (stream), La Sarre Rivière (stream), La Schwalb Riviére (stream), Laab (farm), Laab (farm), Laab (populated place), Laaber (populated place), Laaber (populated place), Laaber (populated place), Laaber (stream), Laaberberg (populated place), Laach (populated place), Laach (farm), Laacher Kopf (hill), Laacher See (lake), Laacherhof (farm), Laacherhof (farm), Laad (populated place), Laag (populated place), Laag (forest(s)), Laage (airfield), Laage (populated place), Laagen Berg (hill), Laagensee (lake), Laager Berg (hill), Laagshof (farm), Laak (stream), Laak (populated place), Laak (populated place), Laak (farm), Laak (farm), Laak (populated place), Laakbaum (farm), Laake (stream), Laake (farm), Laake (stream), Laake (stream), Laake (populated place), Laake (populated place), Laake (farm), Laaken (section of populated place), Laaken (populated place), Laakenberge (hills), Laaker Fleet (ditch), Laakhausen (farm), Laar (section of populated place), Laar (administrative division), Laar (populated place), Laar (populated place), Laar (populated place), Laar (populated place), Laar (populated place), Laarbruch (section of populated place), Laarbruch (forest(s)), Laarbruch (airfield), Laarsches Bruch (marsh(es)), Laarwald (populated place), Laas (populated place), Laas-Klötitz (populated place), Laasan (populated place), Laasche (populated place), Laascher See (lake), Laasdorf (populated place), Laasdorf (populated place), Laase (populated place), Laase (populated place), Laase (populated place), Laasen (populated place), Laasen (populated place), Laaser Berg (hill), Laaske (populated place), Laaslich (populated place), Laasow (populated place), Laasow (populated place), Laasphe (stream), Laasphe (populated place), Laaspherhütte (populated place), Laatzen (populated place), Laatzen (populated place), Laatzke (populated place), Laave (populated place), Laaver Moor (marsh(es)), Labach (section of populated place), Labach (populated place), Labach (populated place), Labacherhof (farm), Labbeck (populated place), Labbronnen (populated place), Labbus (populated place), Labe (stream), Labee (populated place), Labejum (populated place), Labels Berg (mountain), Labenz (populated place), Labenzer See (lake), Laber (populated place), Laber (populated place), Laber (stream), Laber-Laine (stream), Laberg (populated place), Laberholz (forest(s)), Laberholz (farm), Labering (populated place), Labersberg (populated place), Labersdorf (populated place), Labersricht (populated place), Laberthal (farm), Labertswend (populated place), Laberweinting (populated place), Labetz (populated place), Labo (populated place), Laboe (populated place), Labömitz (populated place), Labrun (populated place), Labundiseck (spur(s)), Labusch (populated place), Labüschensee (lake), Labüskekanal (canal), Labüskesee (lake), Labussee (lake), Lach (forest(s)), Lach Graben (stream), Lach Graben (stream), Lach-Berg (hill), Lach-Graben (canal), Lach-Graben (stream), Lache (field(s)), Lache (stream), Lache (stream), Lache (populated place), Lache (populated place), Lache Kopf (mountain), Lacheby (farm), Lachem (populated place), Lachen (populated place), Lachen (populated place), Lachen (farm), Lachen (farm), Lachen (populated place), Lachen (farm), Lachen (populated place), Lachen (farm), Lachen (farm), Lachen (populated place), Lachen (farm), Lachen (populated place), Lachen Kopf (mountain), Lachen-Berg (hill), Lachen-Speyerdorf (airfield), Lachenbauer (farm), Lachendorf (populated place), Lachenschlag (forest(s)), Lacher-Alpe (hut), Lachershof (farm), Lacherspitz (peak), Lachgraben (ditch), Lachgraben (ditch), Lachham (farm), Lachheim (populated place), Lachs-Graben (stream), Lachsberg (hill), Lachstedt (populated place), Lachte (stream), Lachtehausen (populated place), Lachweiler (populated place), Lackberg (farm), Lacken (farm), Lacken (populated place), Lacken (populated place), Lacken (farm), Lacken (populated place), Lacken Berg (mountain), Lackenbach (populated place), Lackenberg (mountain), Lackendorf (populated place), Lackenhäuser (populated place), Lackerau (populated place), Lackesdorfer Mark (area), Lackhausen (populated locality), Lackhove (farm), Lackmann (farm), Lackner (farm), Lackner (farm), Lacoma (populated place), Ladbergen (populated place), Lade-Berg (hill), Ladebow (populated place), Ladeburg (populated place), Ladeburg (populated place), Ladecop (populated place), Ladekath (populated place), Ladekop (populated place), Ladelund (populated place), Ladelundfeld (populated place), Ladelundfeld (farm), Ladenbek (administrative division), Ladenburg (populated place), Ladenthin (populated place), Laderholz (populated place), Ladhof (populated place), Ladhof (farm), Laeisenhof (farm), Laer (section of populated place), Laer (populated place), Laer (populated locality), Laer (populated place), Laer (populated place), Laer (populated place), Laer-Heide (area), Laerbach (stream), Laerheide (area), Laerhöhe (hill), Laester-Berg (hill), Laeven (populated place), Lafering (farm), Laff-Graben (stream), Laffeld (populated place), Laffenau (populated place), Laffenthal (populated place), Lafferde (populated place), Lage (populated place), Lage (populated place), Lage (populated place), Lage (populated place), Lage (farm), Lage (populated place), Lage (populated place), Lageln (farm), Lageltshausen (populated place), Lagemann (farm), Lagemann (farm), Lagemann (farm), Lagen-Berg (hill), Lagenburg (farm), Lagendorf (populated place), Lagentorf (populated place), Lager (farm), Lager Aulenbach (populated place), Lager Bach (stream), Lager Bergen Belsen (historical site), Lager Dikjen Deel (populated place), Lager Döberitz (populated place), Lager Fallingbostel (section of populated place), Lager Feld (area), Lager Hammelburg (populated place), Lager Hammelburg (airfield), Lager Hase (stream), Lager Heuberg (populated place), Lager Hörsten (populated place), Lager Lechfeld (populated place), Lager Oerbke (populated place), Lager Schwarzenborn (populated place), Lager Versen (populated place), Lägerdorf (populated place), Lagerholz (farm), Lägermarsch (farm), Lagershausen (populated place), Lagerstein (mountain), Lagesbüttel (populated place), Lageswarte (hill), Laggenbeck (populated locality), Laglöd (farm), Lagnitz (populated place), Lah-Berg (hill), Lah-Berg (hill), Lahausen (populated place), Lahbach (stream), Lahde (populated place), Lähden (populated place), Lahe (populated place), Lahe (populated place), Lahe (stream), Lahhof (farm), Lahm (populated place), Lahm (populated place), Lahm (populated place), Lahm (populated place), Lahm (hill), Lahm-Berg (hill), Lahmer (farm), Lahn (farm), Lahn (stream), Lahn (populated place), Lahn (stream), Lahn Graben (stream), Lahn-Bach (stream), Lähn-Bach (stream), Lahn-Berg (hill), Lahn-Berg (hill), Lahn-Dill-Kreis (third-order administrative division), Lahn-Hölle (mountain), Lahn-Kopf (mountain), Lahnau (administrative division), Lahnberge (hills), Lahne-Graben (stream), Lahnen Kopf (mountain), Lahnenwies Graben (stream), Lahner (farm), Lahner Alpe (hut), Lahner Kopf (mountain), Lahner-Alpe (hut), Lahnerkopf (mountain), Lahnerschneid (mountain), Lahning (farm), Lahnstein (populated place), Lahntal (administrative division), Lahnwald (forest(s)), Lahof (populated place), Lahof (farm), Lahr (populated place), Lahr (farm), Lahr (populated place), Lahr (populated place), Lähr (populated place), Lahr (populated place), Lahr (populated place), Lahr (populated place), Lahr (airfield), Lahr (populated locality), Lahr-Dinglingen (section of populated place), Lahrbach (populated place), Lahrbach (populated place), Lahrbach (populated place), Lahre (populated place), Lahrer Bach (stream), Lahrheide (populated place), Lahröster (farm), Lahstedt (populated place), Lahuis (farm), Lai-Berg (hill), Laibach (farm), Laibach (populated place), Laibach (farm), Laibarös (populated place), Laiber (populated place), Laiblachsberg (populated place), Laibstadt (populated place), Laich (populated place), Laich (populated place), Laich (populated place), Laich-Alpe (hut), Laichhansen-Alpe (hut), Laichhausen-Alpe (hut), Laichingen (populated place), Laichingen (airfield), Laichle (populated place), Laichstätt (populated place), Laidraz (farm), Laienbauer (farm), Laiflitz (populated place), Laihberg (hill), Laihen (forest(s)), Laiherding (farm), Lailehäuser (populated place), Lailling (populated place), Laim (populated place), Laim (farm), Laim Bach (stream), Laimbach (stream), Laimbach (farm), Laimbach (farm), Laimbach (populated place), Laimbach (stream), Laimbach (populated place), Laimbach (populated place), Laimbach (populated place), Laimberg (hill), Laimbichl (populated place), Laimering (populated place), Laimerstadt (populated place), Laimgrub (farm), Laimgrub (farm), Laimgrub (populated place), Laimgruben (populated place), Laiming (populated place), Laiming (populated place), Laiminger-Holz (forest(s)), Laimnau (populated place), Lain (farm), Lain (farm), Lain (populated place), Lain Bach (stream), Lain Graben (stream), Lain-Bach (stream), Lain-Bach (stream), Lain-Buch (stream), Lain-Graben (stream), Lain-Graben (stream), Lainan-Graben (stream), Laineck (populated place), Lainer-Alpe (hut), Lainl-Alpe (hut), Laisa (populated place), Laisacker (populated place), Laisacker (farm), Laisbach (stream), Laite (farm), Laitenbach (populated place), Laitsch Wald (forest(s)), Laiz (populated place), Laje (locality), Lake (stream), Lake (stream), Lake (farm), Lake (farm), Lake (populated locality), Lake (populated place), Lake (stream), Lake (stream), Lakebruch (area), Lakehof (farm), Lakenpohl (farm), Lakoma (populated place), Lala Berg (hill), Lalchow (populated place), Lalendorf (populated place), Lalling (populated place), Lalling (populated place), Lallinger Winkel (area), Lam (populated place), Lam Bach (stream), Lambach (populated place), Lambach (farm), Lamberbach (stream), Lamberg (mountain), Lamberg (farm), Lamberg (populated place), Lamberg (populated place), Lamberti Mark (area), Lamberts-Berg (ridge(s)), Lambertsberg (populated place), Lambertshof (farm), Lambertshof (farm), Lambertsneukirchen (populated place), Lambrecht (populated place), Lambrechtshagen (populated place), Lambs Bach (stream), Lambs-Bach (stream), Lambsborn (populated place), Lambsheim (populated place), Lambzig (populated place), Lamer Winkel (area), Lamerbusch (populated place), Lamerden (populated place), Lamerdingen (populated place), Lamerong (populated locality), Lämersdorf (populated place), Lämersdorf (populated place), Lamersdorf (populated place), Lämershagen (populated locality), Lämershagen-Gräfinghagen (administrative division), Lames-Berg (hill), Lamet-Bach (stream), Lamineten (farm), Lamitsch (populated place), Lamitz (populated place), Lamitz (stream), Lamitz (stream), Lamitz Wald (forest(s)), Lamlhof (farm), Lamme (populated place), Lamme (stream), Lammelhöfl (farm), Lammer Bach (stream), Lammer-Alpe (hut), Lämmer-Berg (hill), Lämmer-Berg (hill), Lämmer-Hart (forest(s)), Lammerbach (populated place), Lämmerberg (hill), Lämmerberg (hill), Lämmerbuckel (mountain), Lämmerkamp (area), Lammers (farm), Lammersbrink (farm), Lammersbrink (hill), Lämmersdorf (populated place), Lämmersdorf (populated place), Lammersdorf (section of populated place), Lammersdorf (populated place), Lammersdorf (farm), Lammersdorf Über Aachen (populated place), Lammersdorfen (populated place), Lammersfehn (populated place), Lammersfelde (populated place), Lammershagen (populated place), Lämmershof (populated place), Lammershütte (farm), Lammerskopf (mountain), Lämmerspiel (populated place)
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