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Places in France that begin with the letter "v"

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Vaas (populated place), Vabre (populated place), Vabre (populated place), Vabre-Tizac (populated place), Vabres (populated place), Vabres (populated place), Vabres (populated place), Vabres (populated place), Vabres-l’Abbaye (populated place), Vabres-Saint-Gal (populated place), Vaccareccia (stream), Vaccili (populated place), Vachelerie (populated place), Vacherauville (populated place), Vachères (populated place), Vachères (populated place), Vachères (populated place), Vachères-en-Quint (populated place), Vacheresse (populated place), Vacheresse (populated place), Vacheresse (populated place), Vacheresses (populated place), Vacheresses-les-Basses (populated place), Vacherie (populated place), Vachers (populated place), Vachier (populated place), Vachy (populated place), Vackenbach (populated place), Vacognes (populated place), Vacon (populated place), Vacquenoux (populated place), Vacquerie (populated place), Vacquerie (populated place), Vacquerie-le-Boucq (populated place), Vacqueriette (populated place), Vacqueville (populated place), Vacquevras (populated place), Vacqueyras (populated place), Vacquières (populated place), Vacquières (populated place), Vacquiers (populated place), Vadans (populated place), Vadans (populated place), Vadelaincourt (populated place), Vadenay (populated place), Vadencourt (populated place), Vadencourt (populated place), Vadencourt-et-Bohéries (populated place), Vadina (populated place), Vadone (stream), Vadonville (populated place), Vaghio (stream), Vagnas (populated place), Vagney (populated place), Vaguette (stream), Vahl (populated place), Vahl (populated place), Vahl-Ebersing (populated place), Vahl-lès-Bénestroff (populated place), Vahl-lés-Faulquemont (populated place), Vaige (stream), Vaiges (populated place), Vaiges Rivière (stream), Vailhac (populated place), Vailhan (populated place), Vailhauquès (populated place), Vailhourles (populated place), Vaillac (populated place), Vaillant (populated place), Vailly (populated place), Vailly (populated place), Vailly (populated place), Vailly (populated place), Vailly (populated place), Vailly-sur-Aisne (populated place), Vailly-sur-Sauldre (populated place), Vains (populated place), Vaintray (populated place), Vair (stream), Vaire (populated place), Vairé (populated place), Vaire (populated place), Vaire-le-Grand (populated place), Vaire-le-Petit (populated place), Vaire-sous-Corbie (populated place), Vaires (populated place), Vaires-sur-Marne (populated place), Vaise (section of populated place), Vaison (populated place), Vaison-la-Romaine (populated place), Vaissac (populated place), Vaïta (populated place), Vaîte (populated place), Vaivre (populated place), Vaivre (populated place), Vaivre-et-Montoille (populated place), Val (populated place), Val (populated place), Val Barisien (country house), Val Bourgin (populated locality), Val Bréhout (populated place), Val Chézery (valley), Val Daubert (populated place), Val de Graves (valley), Val de la Saule (farm), Val de Loire (valley), Val de Nuit (farm), Val de Saire (section of populated place), Val des Choues (valley), Val des Choux (valley), Val du Roy (populated place), Val d’ Astau (valley), Val Ebersing (populated place), Val Godemar (valley), Val Godemard (valley), Val Guillaume (farm), Val Notre Dame (populated place), Val Péronne (populated place), Val Pompadour (populated place), Val Profonde (populated place), Val Saint Donat (populated place), Val Saint Donnat (populated place), Val Saint Pair (populated place), Val-André (populated place), Val-David (populated place), Val-de-la-Haye (populated place), Val-de-Mercy (populated place), Val-de-Ricarville (populated place), Val-de-Roulans (populated place), Val-de-Villé (populated place), Val-des-Prés (populated place), Val-d’Isère (populated place), Val-d’Izé (populated place), Val-et-Châtillon (populated place), Val-Hiervelin (populated place), Val-Suzon (populated place), Valabres (populated place), Valades (populated place), Valady (populated place), Valailles (populated place), Valaine (populated place), Valaire (populated place), Valaize Rivière (stream), Valançon (populated place), Valat (stream), Valat des Gardies (stream), Valaurie (populated place), Valauris (populated place), Valaury (populated place), Valavoire (populated place), Valay (populated place), Valbeleix (populated place), Valbelle (populated place), Valberg (populated place), Valbertier Ferme (farm), Valbonnais (populated place), Valbonne (populated place), Valbourdin (populated place), Valbourgès (country house), Valbruant (populated place), Valbuche (huts), Valcabrère (populated place), Valcanville (populated place), Valcebollère (populated place), Valchevrière (populated place), Valcivières (populated place), Valcorbon (populated place), Valcourt (populated place), Valcros (populated place), Valcros (populated place), Valdahon (populated place), Valdampierre (populated place), Valdans (populated place), Valdelancourt (populated place), Valderiès (populated place), Valderoure (populated place), Valdieu (populated place), Valdigiéri (populated place), Valdoie (populated place), Valdonne (populated place), Valdonne-Peypin (populated place), Valdrôme (populated place), Valduc (country house), Valdurenque (populated place), Valécourt (populated place), Valeille (populated place), Valeille (populated place), Valeilles (populated place), Valeilles (populated place), Valeins (populated place), Valeix (populated place), Valempoulières (populated place), Valençay (populated place), Valence (populated place), Valence (populated place), Valence (populated place), Valence (populated place), Valence (populated place), Valence (stream), Valence (populated place), Valence (populated place), Valence (populated place), Valence-d’Abigeois (populated place), Valence-d’Agen (populated place), Valence-d’Albigeois (populated place), Valence-en-Brie (populated place), Valence-sur-Baïse (populated place), Valencendre (populated place), Valenciennes (populated place), Valencin (populated place), Valencins (populated place), Valencize (stream), Valencogne (populated place), Valennes (populated place), Valensole (populated place), Valenti (populated place), Valentigney (populated place), Valentigny (populated place), Valentine (populated place), Valentine (populated place), Valenton (populated place), Valeoux (populated place), Valergues (populated place), Valernes (populated place), Valernos (populated place), Valescourt (populated place), Valescure (populated place), Valesole (populated place), Valessard (populated place), Valesvilles (populated place), Valette (populated place), Valette (populated place), Valette (populated place), Valette (populated place), Valette (populated place), Valette (populated place), Valeuil (populated place), Valeyrac (populated place), Valeyrac (populated place), Valezan (populated place), Valèze (stream), Valfermet (farm), Valff (populated place), Valfin (populated place), Valfin (populated place), Valfin-lès-Saint-Claude (populated place), Valfin-sur-Valouse (populated place), Valflaunès (populated place), Valfleury (populated place), Valfournès (populated place), Valframbert (populated place), Valfroicourt (populated place), Valgaudemar (valley), Valgodemar (valley), Valgorge (populated place), Valhey (populated place), Valhuon (populated place), Valica (populated place), Valière (populated place), Valiergues (populated place), Valierguet (populated place), Valignat (populated place), Valigny (populated place), Valines (populated place), Valinier (peak), Valise (populated place), Valjouan (populated place), Valjouze (populated place), Vallabrègues (populated place), Vallabrix (populated place), Vallainville (populated place), Vallaise (populated place), Vallan (populated place), Vallangoujard (populated place), Vallans (populated place), Vallansange (populated place), Vallant (populated place), Vallant (populated place), Vallant-Saint-Georges (populated place), Vallat (populated place), Vallauris (populated place), Valle (populated place), Valle (populated place), Valle (populated place), Valle di Bens (valley), Valle Rio Freddo (valley), Valle-di-Campoloro (populated place), Valle-di-Mezzana (populated place), Valle-di-Rostino (populated place), Valle-d’Orezza (populated place), Vallecalle (populated place), Vallee Calle (populated place), Vallée de Barèges (valley), Vallée de Bray (valley), Vallée de Burbe (valley), Vallée de Graisivaudan (valley), Vallée de Grésivaudan (valley), Vallée de la Grande Maison (valley), Vallée de la Pique (valley), Vallée de la Valserine (valley), Vallée de Larboust (valley), Vallée de Luchon (valley), Vallée de Ponce Hamon (valley), Vallée de Ponce-Hamont (valley), Vallée de Poncellamont (valley), Vallée de Saint-Quirin (valley), Vallée des Merveilles (valley), Vallée du Lis (valley), Vallée du Lys (valley), Vallée du Pontcellamont (valley), Vallée d’ Abreschviller (valley), Vallée d’ Aure (valley), Vallée d’ Ossau (valley), Vallée d’ Oueil (valley), Vallées (populated place), Vallées Pitron (populated place), Vallées-de-Cérilly (populated place), Vallègue (populated place), Valleiry (populated place), Vallenay (populated place), Vallencogne (populated place), Vallentigny (populated place), Vallerange (populated place), Vallérargues (populated place), Valleraugue (populated place), Vallères (populated place), Vallerest (populated place), Valleret (populated place), Vallereuil (populated place), Vallerois-le-Bois (populated place), Vallerois-Lorioz (populated place), Valleroy (populated place), Valleroy (populated place), Valleroy (populated place), Valleroy (populated place), Valleroy (populated place), Valleroy-aux-Saules (populated place), Valleroy-le-Sec (populated place), Vallery (populated place), Valleryshal (populated place), Vallerysthal (populated place), Vallerysthal-Trois-Fontaines (populated place), Vallespir (valley), Vallesvilles (populated place), Vallet (populated place), Vallet (populated place), Valletot (populated place), Valleville (populated place), Valleyre (populated place), Vallica (populated place), Vallicelo (populated place), Vallier (populated place), Vallière (populated place), Vallière (populated place), Vallière (populated place), Vallières (populated place), Vallières (populated place), Vallières (populated place), Vallières (populated place), Vallières (populated place), Vallières-Bas (section of populated place), Vallières-Haut (section of populated place), Vallières-les-Grandes (populated place), Valliguières (populated place), Vallin (populated place), Vallincu (populated place), Valliquerville (populated place), Valloire (populated place), Valloire Rivière (stream), Vallois (populated place), Vallon (populated place), Vallon (populated place), Vallon (populated place), Vallon (populated place), Vallon de Bans (valley), Vallon de Boréon (valley), Vallon de Brama Fama (valley), Vallon de Bramafam (valley), Vallon de Burbe (valley), Vallon de Cairos (valley), Vallon de Castiglione (valley), Vallon de Ciastiglione (valley), Vallon de Clans (valley), Vallon de Demandols (valley), Vallon de Demardols (valley), Vallon de Duinas (valley), Vallon de Gratteloup (valley), Vallon de Jallorgues (valley), Vallon de la Callandre (valley), Vallon de la Ciallandre (valley), Vallon de la Combe (valley), Vallon de la Douina (valley), Vallon de la Grase (valley), Vallon de la Gravière (valley), Vallon de la Madone (valley), Vallon de la Madonna de Finestre (valley), Vallon de Longon (valley), Vallon de l’ Inferno (valley), Vallon de Mairola (valley), Vallon de Nans (valley), Vallon de Pierlas (valley), Vallon de Rio Freddo (valley), Vallon de Rio Secco (valley), Vallon de Saint-Antonin (valley), Vallon de Saint-Daumas (stream), Vallon de Saint-Ruph (valley), Vallon de Saleses (valley), Vallon de Villette (valley), Vallon des Aiguilles (valley), Vallon des Aiguilles d’Arves (valley), Vallon des Graus (valley), Vallon des Vaux (valley), Vallon du Pra (valley), Vallon du Revest (valley), Vallon du Val (stream), Vallon Sourd (valley), Vallon Sourn (valley), Vallon-en-Sully (populated place), Vallon-Pont-d’Arc (populated place), Vallon-sur-Gée (populated place), Vallone della Minera (valley), Vallone di Ciastiglione (valley), Vallone di Saleses (valley), Vallons Pont d’Arc (populated place), Vallorcine (populated place), Vallouise (valley), Vallouise (populated place), Vallouse (stream), Valloux (populated place), Valmanya (populated place), Valmanya Ruisseau (stream), Valmartin (populated place), Valmascle (populated place), Valmeinier (populated place), Valmestroff (populated place), Valmigère (populated place), Valmondois (populated place), Valmont (populated place), Valmont (populated place), Valmont (stream), Valmunster (populated place), Valmy (populated place), Valognes (populated place), Valojoulx (populated place), Valonne (populated place), Valoreille (populated place), Valotte (populated place), Valouse (populated place), Valouse (stream), Valouson (stream), Valpaja (populated place), Valpelle (farm), Valpreveyre (populated place), Valprionde (populated place), Valprionde (populated place), Valprivas (populated place), Valpuiseaux (populated place), Valras (populated place), Valras-Plage (populated place), Valréas (populated place), Valros (populated place), Valroufié (populated place), Vals (populated place), Vals (populated place), Vals (country house), Vals (populated place), Vals (populated place), Vals-le-Chastel (populated place), Vals-les-Bains (populated place), Vals-près-le-Puy (populated place), Valsemé (populated place), Valsenestre (populated place), Valserine (stream), Valserres (populated place), Valsonne (populated place), Valtange (populated place), Valuéjols (populated place), Valverset (farm), Valvignères (populated place), Valvins (populated place), Valz (populated place), Valz-sous-Château Neuf (populated place), Valzergues (populated place), Vanault (populated place), Vanault (populated place), Vanault-le-Châtel (populated place), Vanault-les-Dames (populated place), Vançais (populated place), Vancé (populated place), Vance Rivière (stream), Vancia (populated place), Vanclans (populated place), Vancroit (populated place), Vandeins (populated place), Vandel (populated place), Vandelainville (populated place), Vandelans (populated place), Vandeléville (populated place), Vandelicourt (populated place), Vandélicourt (populated place)
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